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Israel officially declares war after Hamas attack as Security Cabinet invokes Article 40 Aleph for the first time after 1973, PM asks Palestinians to...

Israeli cabinet invoked Article 40 Aleph to officially declare war for the first time since in 1973

WHO warns of ‘huge biological risk’ after fighters in conflict-torn Sudan occupy laboratory storing samples of diseases like polio and measles

A WHO representative said that fighters have occupied a central public laboratory holding samples of diseases including polio and measles in war torn Sudan

Sudan: As conflict between the Army chief and paramilitary leader leaves hundreds dead, read what is happening and why

A coup in October 2021 halted a power-sharing agreement with the citizens who organised the anti-Bashir rallies. This agreement was meant to hasten the transition to a democratic administration.

Unexploded bombs left over from decades of war killed or maimed over 700 children in Afghanistan in 2022: UNICEF

"Last week, 8 children lost their lives due to unexploded ordinance in Afghanistan. They lost their lives playing with unexploded ordnance and collecting metal scraps to sell," UNICEF Afghanistan added, reported TOLOnews.

Zelensky signs authoritarian law expanding government power to control media: Report

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky passed a law that critics described as authoritarian move to regulate media.

China: After securing third term in power, Xi Jinping focuses on ‘complete control’ of the Army, efficiency to launch wars, demands ‘resolute loyalty’

After securing power for the third term in the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping has "ensured complete control" of and loyalty from the army

Russia announces mobilisation of 300,000 troops, Defence Minister says ‘we are at war with NATO and the collective West’ in Ukraine

Shoigu also stated that Russia is not exactly at war with Ukraine, but is fighting the collective West and NATO on Ukrainian soil.

US says its war crime of bombing civilians in Syria was ‘not a breach of policy’, gives itself clean chit after internal probe

The probe concentrated on a March 18, 2019, attack on an Islamic State stronghold in Baghouz by a special US team operating in Syria.

‘To understand Indian thought process, it is necessary to study the Mahabharata’: Dr Jaishankar explains ‘the India way’ through the greatest story ever told

In his book 'The India Way' Dr Jaishankar explains why, for India to understand its strategies and choices, and for the world to understand India, it is necessary to study the Mahabharata, 'the greatest story ever told'.

Greenpeace activists chain themselves to a Russian oil tanker in protest, officials clarify the oil was bought before Russian sanctions

The tanker in question was the Ust Luga tanker parked at the Aasgaardstrand harbor in Norway carrying Russian oil.

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