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Delhi Court directs state to provide protection to minor who was repeatedly raped by suspended Delhi official Premoday Khakha, details

Premoday Khakha was arrested in August this year on accusations of raping and impregnating a minor girl

‘He used to pull me onto his lap in office’: How multiple complaints of sexual harassment against Premoday Khakha were ignored by AAP govt...

"He is not a tolerable boss. Once he even tried to pull me on his lap in front of my colleagues. When things became completely unbearable for me, I resigned and filed a complaint against him", one woman has said.

Meet Premoday Khakha: Multiple charges of sexual assault, letters to Delhi govt ignored, High court order, church connect and more

NCPCR Chief Priyank Kanoongo informed, "The role of the Church, in this case, is suspicious."

Delhi police arrest Premoday Khakha, Deputy Director of Delhi govt’s women and child development department, accused of raping a minor: Details

Delhi Police on Monday detained the Delhi government official Premoday Khakha who has been accused of raping a minor over several months. 

Smriti Irani slams NCP MP Fauzia Khan over her remark ‘girls are married because they have nothing else to do’

Smriti Irani in the RS said that the government is taking all the steps to make sure that the girls under the marriageable age are secure and are being provided proper education.

Our Children, Our Future: Dear Smriti Irani, these child development and humanitarian issues cannot wait

It is time that attention is drawn towards three disturbing trends in child development, especially relating to the most vulnerable children in our society - orphans, runaways, children of the indigent and children of marginalized sections of society.

25 Lakh fake beneficiaries found in Anganwadis of UP, Maharashtra and Assam

The Ministry of Women and Child Development had ordered the survey of Anganwadi Schemes after the crackdown of Assam government on ghost beneficiaries.

Evangelical and FCRA Infiltrations in the WCD Ministry and NCPCR?

A deep dive reveals some very disturbing details.

Two consultants hired by WCD Ministry to regulate online “trolling”. Is this their job?

A backdoor entry to arbitrary policing of the internet?

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