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Women Reservation Bill

Congress throws Shama Mohammad, one of the most vociferous defenders of the party, under the bus after she questions lack of women representation in...

Before Shama Mohamed called out grand old party, MP Congress IT Cell vice president had targeted BJP for not giving sufficient representation to women in the state for upcoming elections

‘Women with lipstick and bob-cut hair will reach Parliament’: RJD’s Abdul Bari Siddiqui makes sexist remark on women’s reservation, BJP reacts

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui made a highly sexist remark while opposing the Women's Reservation Bill

Smriti Irani schools Rajdeep Sardesai on Women’s Reservation Bill after he tries to hail Mamata Banerjee as a women’s rights champion

Union Minister Smriti Irani recently reminded Sardesai of the crimes committed by TMC workers against women in the state for opposing Mamata Banerjee in the elections, as Rajdeep Sardesai attempted to credit Mamata Banerjee for advocating for women's reservation.

While attacking Modi govt on Women’s Reservation Bill, Rahul Gandhi insults Hindus and their faith yet again by insinuating that Murthis in Temples are...

The Congress leader has demanded that the delimitation clause should be removed from the bill - and while doing so - insulted Hindus again

“They objected to the words Nari Shakti Vandan”: PM Modi exposes opposition in his address to women BJP workers

PM said that those who used to tear the Bill apart, today they had to support it because women have emerged as a "Shakti" in the nation in the past 10 years.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey slams Sonia Gandhi’s demands over Women’s Reservation bill, reminds her of Constitutional measures and legalities

Retorting to her demands, Dubey launched a scathing attack against Congress Parliamentary Party Chairperson Sonia Gandhi for raising “unconstitutional demands”, double-speak, and tainted legacy over the issue.

As cabinet clears Women’s Reservation Bill, here’s how the I.N.D.I Alliance and others like Asaduddin Owaisi had stalled it for 27 years

As opposition parties rushed to claim credit for Modi govt's passage of Women's Reservation Bill, it is worth noting that they had stalled the legislation for over 27 years.

33% quota, rotation of seats after each delimitation, 15 year effective period: All you need to know about Women Reservation Bill

The bill will only come into effect after 2027 when a fresh census will be conducted and existing constituencies will be redrawn.

Congress Manifesto: Declaration of disastrous legal reforms and a tale of contradictions

Congress has claimed to be a centric party but how pretentious centric party claim can actually leave you in abeyance, this manifesto is a perfect example of that.

Rajasthan Congress’ proposed women reservation and BJP’s reservation for the poor: How The Wire reported them

The leftist propaganda website The Wire has run many misleading and false reports in the past.

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