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Wuhan coronavirus

‘China engineered coronavirus as a bioweapon’: Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher says in an interview

Chao Shao, a researcher from Wuhan made these shocking revelations in an exclusive interview with Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association, who provides first-hand information and unique insights about China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

US senate passes bill to declassify all intelligence on Covid origins, a day after FBI said pandemic leaked from Wuhan lab

USA: FBI, Dept of Energy say the Wuhan lab, where US-based EcoHealth Alliance was carrying out Coronavirus 'gain of function' research with the Chinese government, is the most likely origin of Covid.

China: Over 12,000 Covid patients have died in one week, 80% of the population has been affected, says govt

Wu Zunyou has claimed that the present "wave of the epidemic has already infected about 80 per cent of the people" in the country of 1.4 billion population.

US govt asked Twitter to suspend accounts linking Covid to Wuhan lab and bioweapons research, over 250,000 handles were axed

"US govt agency demanded suspension of 250k accounts, including journalists & Canadian officials!" tweeted Musk. The new release of internal Twitter correspondence details the relationship between the social media company and government agencies.

UK scientists had shut down Covid lab leak theory despite knowing it may be true: Report

Reports suggest that experts in the United Kingdom aided in stopping the covid lab leak theory and dismissed it despite knowing that it is a possibility..

China accuses US of having 336 Biolabs in 30 countries including 26 in Ukraine, demands ‘full account of its biological military activities’

After Russia, now China the accused US military of operating “dangerous” Biolabs in Ukraine

Are US-run biological labs in Ukraine one of the reasons behind Russia invasion? Read how Russian govt had raised ‘bioweapons’ alarm

Russia has accused US and Ukraine of developing bioweapons close to its borders.

China scuttling probe into the origin of coronavirus, including deploying army officer to assume charge of Wuhan lab: Report

The Xi Jinping govt in China has tried to keep COVID origin investigations at bay by deliberating its propaganda media to create an elaborate online disinformation campaign

Wuhan scientists warn of a new coronavirus strain NeoCov with high infectivity and death rate, 1 in 3 patients can die: Report

The scientists have claimed that highly infectious NeoCov strain needs just one mutation to turn itself into a zoonotic pathogen, capable of infiltrating human cells. 

USA: Waiting for days to get a Covid test, thousands of wasted tests and a ‘testing company’ that is now facing investigation

As the cases rise, the USA is also facing an acute shortage of test kits. There are many posts on social media highlighting the long queues and delays in getting a test done. Some people have reported that despite paying hundreds of dollars for the tests and booking days, even weeks in advance, they are unable to have a test done.

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