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Everyone knows that Islam needs to be Sinicised, this is an inevitable trend: Senior Chinese Communist Party official in Xinjiang

President Xi Jinping of China repeatedly calls for the "Sinicisation" of religions including Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

Security agencies flag to central govt list of Indian influencers peddling pro-China propaganda, say they do so after taking money from CCP

The report citing security establishment sources states that Chinese propaganda on Indian social media influencers, including YouTubers, is on the rise and poses a threat to the way certain sections of Indian populations view China and its policies.

Pakistan’s PM Anwaar ul Haq Kakar lectures about Gaza at a university at Urumqi in Xinjiang where Muslims are oppressed by China

Pakistani PM in China's Xinjiang talked about Palestinians in Gaza, comfortably ignoring that Muslims in Xinjiang province are perpetually subjected to Chinese oppression.

China’s War against Islam: From ‘mosque rectification program’, to Quran being burnt, pork being fed, Namaz and Hijab being banned and more

China has declared war on Islam and its policies have focussed on erasing Islamic customs and Islamic identities of its Muslim Uyghur population

China releases propaganda video featuring woman in Buddhist attire dancing in Grand Kuqa Mosque to reiterate that Uyghur Islam evolved from Buddhism

A recent state-sponsored promotional video by China claims that Grand Kuqa Mosque, the people and the religion are 'Chinese.'

China forbids Uyghur Muslims from fasting during Ramzan, implement monitoring system to keep a check

Uyghur Muslims have been identified by Beijing as a "threat to be solved through forced assimilation".

China: Protests erupt against stringent COVID lockdown after deadly fire rocks Xinjiang’s Urumqi

China is following a strict zero-covid policy. It is the world's last program of its sort, due in part to the country's poor vaccination coverage and an effort to safeguard the elders.

Chinese government unleashed its trolls, Wumao Army, to insult Islam and hurt religious sentiments of Uyghur Muslims: Report

According to the European Interest report, Uyghur Muslim families are the target of a brutal program that isolates children from their mothers and sends them to state institutions, or to live with Chinese families.

UN Committee calls for probe into brazen human rights abuse against Muslims in Xinjiang under the Chinese government

UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has called on the Chinese Govt to immediately investigate all allegations of human rights violations against Muslims in Xinjiang.

Chinese govt aggressively promoting ‘assimilation’ by forced Uyghur Muslim-Han intermarriages, taking coercive actions against opponents

Uyghur Human Rights Project published a report on the measures taken by the Chinese government to promote intermarriage between Uyghur Muslims and Han Chinese ethnic groups

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