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Open Letter to JNUites from a Social Science Researcher of IIT

Studying in the Humanities and Social Science department of IITs is tough in itself as you have to always justify your existence that what you are doing here, why not some other institute completely dedicated for humanities and social science. We struggle, we show our work which are beneficial academically at least and then suddenly some JNU happens and again the questioning and cross question restarts. I thought to constrain myself even this time about the seditious act going on in JNU but couldn’t.

These days I am saddened with the incidents happening in one of the premier institute of this country i.e. JNU and in such a situation, no one can be neutral even in abstract sense. I am getting the news through various media like Social Media, Mainstream Media and from my JNUites friends. I am appalled with the sheer of insensitivity of those students who were involved in anti-India sloganeering. I wonder about the “kind of motivation” they get for wishing “Bharat Ki Barbaadi” (destruction of India).

I learnt that they are claiming that it is a kind of witch hunt because the institution has never supported the government as well as the current establishment. It is fine argument to project itself victim but how it will justify trashing the nation as a whole and demanding secession. Being at a the centrally funded Institution, I am well aware of my responsibilities as a researcher and at the same time, I use my freedom of expression for criticizing the current government policies (there are many of them, which I don’t like) and even the head of the government but nowhere have I imagined the abhorrence towards my beloved country.

Our few liberated souls at JNU think that entire concept of nation is an idea and it’s kind of imagined one so it is fine to degenerate the country into pieces. Really! The country named India has its own long historical stance and this concept of India as a nation has been solidified over time. Continuous sacrifices has been made to protect its integrity and even these days our army are making sacrifices so that we could be protected from vices of our enemies.

JNU thrives on the idea of liberty while “claiming” its belief in equality and “promoting” fraternity. You celebrate killing of CRPF Jawans or beat Army men to prove your idea of fraternity. I heard that sexual harassment is widespread culture inside JNU campus, in fact JNU topped list of higher education institutions in this regard. Is it your dedication towards the gender equality or is it the shameless show of your libertarianism?

Suddenly numerous admirers of Voltaire have emerged on my facebook page for supporting “anti-nationals” by giving arguments about  freedom of speech of perpetrators involved in seditious act. Yes, I am borrowing the word “anti-national” from the utilitarian vocabulary because what you are doing there are completely an act of treason towards an Idea called India and for the sake of its safety, I will use as many tactics as you use for defaming and destructing this idea. Even Voltaire wouldn’t have thought that his argument will be used for protecting the culprits who desired death of such beautiful nation named India. The other party (to which people like me belong) is forced to use Karl Popper’s argument in this situation that “extreme of tolerance will cause disappearance of tolerant”.

No doubt, JNU has been a wonderful institution as long as we look into its academic achievement but when we hear such news, we become hopeless. How much disappointment this creates in the mind of genuine researchers, you guys won’t be able to ascertain? A centre of excellence is being marred just because of few extremely “liberated” and “politically motivated” individuals who are pursuing their agenda through the campus politics in the name of democracy and freedom of speech. When the freedom of speech will be used in such a dangerous and one-sided manner, it won’t leave enough scope for democracy.

Research is an achievement and you are being provided all the tools to master it. It should bring a sense of pride and you should be involved in removing all the existing malice and misconstrued notion in the society as you are at advantageous position in comparison to many of our fellow countrymen. Please, don’t defame the free thinking researchers’ fraternity. Being one of them pains me that some of us has reached at that level where they can harm the concept of our country. Mother India is trying to provide us all the resources necessary for our development and if you believe that certain sections are being ignored, complain to the country. Even on an extent you can hate it for being unequal but murdering it won’t suffice your agenda as well as wants and be sure, most of us won’t let you do that. Discuss, debate, dissent but please, don’t be disloyal.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Ph.D. Research Scholar in School of Humanities and Social Science at IIT Indore. Previously I have studied in Delhi University for my Masters in Social Work and have Graduated with B.A. Economics at S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi.

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