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Omar Abdullah has demanded the restoration of pre-1953 position when there used to be a Prime Minister of the State instead of a Chief Minister.
AMU Students Union President Imtiaz in his statement called the ban as politically motivated and accused the government of doing Hindutva politics.
Media is pressurised for 'warmongering' due to anti-Pakistan general public mood, says Ravish Kumar
Shekhar Gupta used the event of the homecoming of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to peddle his partisan politics
PM Modi in Tamil Nadu asserted that statements by some Indian political parties have been gleefully quoted in the Parliament of Pakistan to demoralise our Forces
The joint statement of PM Modi and Saudi prince also said that “Both sides called upon all countries to renounce the use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy"
The art that was put on display in an exhibition in Loyola College expressed anti-Hindu sentiments. It depicted Hindu symbols and Bharat Mata in a derogatory manner.
Kejriwal is accused of disrespecting the National Flag during an election rally in 2014.
The charge sheet comprises of around 100 pages and reportedly contains forensic reports and technical evidence.
JNUSU had called for a strike on Friday claiming that they were not invited to the meeting.
But don’t you dare call a Bangladeshi illegal an infiltrator. Haven’t you heard that the world is one big family?
Earlier the Mehbooba Mufti government had decided to withdraw cases against the stone pelters
Is Congress' hate for Modi so strong, that they are willing to compromise national security?
Earlier alleged fact checkers had brought into question the given video
The father has alleged that he received death threats on Thursday
The State Human Rights Commission had recommended that he be paid Rs 10 lakh in compensation
Chidambaram courts controversy again, bats for Kashmir autonomy
Both the accomplices, including a journalist, have also been convicted for helping carry out Naxal activities.
A look at few of the recent articles that show how much hatred so-called liberals have for India and Hindus.
The nation was witness to contrasting and worrying scenes on the night of 18 June 2017.
The Congress-left ecosystem controls most of the institutions, but it needs to get back in 2019 to continue its hold.
Senior Congress leader Saifuddin Soz isn't very happy with the Major's actions
Some journalists and Congress supporters came together against suspension of a hateful Twitter account.
JNU faculty member organized a tribute for Sukma martyrs on Friday. That night, his car was pelted with stones.
They were offended by the fact that Gambhir chose to stand up for our Jawans

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