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How the latest FATF financial sanctions will hurt Pakistan

Even as detractors continued to spread fake news , the Modi government pulled off a big diplomatic victory at the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) plenary in Paris. We had reported how Pakistan and anti-Modi figures had prematurely commented on the issue based on fake news. But, the outcome of the plenary came out only today.

A former White House and Pentagon official, Joushua White analysed the impact of these sanctions in a series of Tweets. In his first two tweets he said that the decision was part of wider American strategy to make Pakistan behave. He also hinted that these sanctions would make it difficult for Pakistan to raise money in international markets and exert pressure on its foreign reserves.

He went on to hint that USA can use its influence in global institutions to hurt Pakistan in future as well. This reflects well on Indian diplomatic efforts in convincing the Trump administration regarding terrorists activities in Pakistan.

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The former US official also highlighted that USA was warning Pakistan ever since it was removed from grey list in 2015. But Pakistan had not been paying attention to these warning. He also highlighted the significance of USA and UK co-sponsoring the sanctions.

Lastly he highlighted how China did not come to protect Pakistan. China had initially objected to the sanctions, but withdrew its objection reportedly under intense pressure from the US. This is a huge development as China has been protecting Pakistan on Masood Azhar sanctions at UNSC for past few years.

All in all it seems like Modi government has achieved a comprehensive diplomatic victory at FATF against Pakistan.

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