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Narendra Modi

Quad leaders’ meet: PM Modi pens a column in Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, here is what he wrote

PM Modi is in Japan to attend the Quad leaders' meeting with his counterparts from Japan, USA and Australia.

Why does PM Modi usually travels to foreign countries at night: Here is an interesting detail

PM Modi follows a regular pattern during his foreign visits to save time and resources.

Two different Ideas of India: ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ chants in Bangkok and Rahul Gandhi’s argument that India doesn’t exist as a ‘nation’

For a party which goes with the name Indian 'National' Congress and identifies its stalwarts as founding fathers of the 'nation', Rahul Gandhi's reduced self-worth scores a self-goal while Congress seeks to reinvent itself on a national level.

As Indian shuttlers make the country proud with the Thomas Cup win, here is how GoI is changing the face of Indian sports

The Thomas Cup win continues the present Golden Era for sports in India as Indian sports persons continue to win accolades across the world in various different sports

Why ‘The Economist’ praising PM Modi is a trap: Why you should not play their game and how they are the enemy

For supporters of Prime Minister Modi, the article by The Economist praising India may feel like a moment of vindication - But it's not

Taking the opposite stand to Rahul Gandhi, health ministers from Congress-ruled states slam the WHO report on Covid-19 deaths in India

The CCHFW which includes health ministers from Congress-ruled states has taken an opposite stand to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who used the flawed report to target the Indian government.

Even after the father called him out for his ‘filthy politics’, Kunal Kamra brazens it out, continues to bully the 7-year-old who sang for...

The alleged comedian Kunal Kamra has refused to back down over the morphed video that he had published of the 7-year-old boy who sang a song for PM Narendra Modi

Indian elites continue to hate Modi because he is not one of them

Modi is relatable. Modi is aspirational. He gives everyone a hope that if one makes up their mind, a person selling tea on railway platform can become Prime Minister of world's largest democracy. Not once, but twice.

Before taking RSF’s ‘Press Freedom’ Index seriously, read its ‘Fact-file’: Modi Bhakt, Godi Media slur, jibes against Hindu Nationalists and overall dishonesty

Press Freedom in India, according RSF's own ranking has drastically declined during the Congress years while it blames Narendra Modi for the same

‘There is a swimming pool in Modi’s airplane’: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury makes bizarre claim to defend Rahul Gandhi

'PM Modi has bought two planes worth Rs 13,000 crore, which have a swimming pool', Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury claimed

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