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Here lies the political ruins of Kejriwal and AAP, rest and leave us in peace

The patron saint of foot-in-mouth and chief of political outfit Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal has done it again. He has tendered an ‘unconditional apology’ to Punjab’s Shiromani Akali Dal leader Bikram Singh Majithia after accusing him of being involved in Punjab’s drug trade, for which Majithia had slapped a defamation case against him. After years of being on the offensive and being the judge and pronouncing judgements on Majithia, Kejriwal has said that he realised the allegations were unfounded. It is believed a series of closed-door meetings took place between the leaders of the two parties.

Kejriwal reportedly decided to back off because his conviction was nearly certain. Of course, AAP supporters are calling it a brilliant move to take down BJP in 2019, because according to AAP sympathisers, if Kejriwal spends 15 days a month in courts, when will he work? And we thought Kejriwal has not been doing his work because Modiji doesn’t let him! Shocking!

However, AAP rebel leader Kapil Mishra has pointed out that Kejriwal is not supposed to be physically present in Bikram Majithia case.

Mishra has also alleged that on 13th March, Ashish Khetan, brokered the deal between Kejriwal and Majithia, which was even confirmed by Krishna Pratap Singh, another AAP sympathiser.

Mayank Gandhi, the former AAP leader, also came down heavily on Kejriwal and AAP apologists.

The apology has also brought out the rift within the AAP in full public view. As is evident, all the promises made by the ‘Dilli Ke Maalik‘ (owner of Delhi) were nothing but hogwash.

AAP social media head Ankit Lal claims that it wasn’t the financial constraint that has made Kejriwal back off, but the fact that the lawyers in Punjab didn’t ‘have the courage’ to fight the defamation case against the Majithias.

In further defence, AAP started playing blame games on those who have been critical of their decisions. Lal, along with AAP lawyer Rishikesh posted a video taking on Kumar Vishwas, who was critical of Kejriwal.

He further says that Kejriwal is not afraid of conviction or going to jail, but if at all he gets convicted, he cannot be allowed to contest elections for six years.

Does that mean Kejriwal is apologising not because he has no proof of his wild allegations, but because he does not want to let go of the power? They even blamed the Punjab unit of AAP for ‘lack of support’ to Kejriwal in fighting the case against Majithia. They claim that the Punjab team of AAP did not provide resources or support in terms of a lawyer to monitor the case.

AAP has essentially washed hands off the anti-corruption crusade and asked agencies to take care of it, leaving it midway, just as how Kejriwal has washed his hands off the responsibility of Delhi’s governance, blaming his lack of efficiency of Prime Minister Modi.

Rather in apologising for his lack of self-control on what he speaks, Kejriwal should apologise to every single person who had pinned hopes on him for bringing about a political change in India. He should apologise to everyone who has voted for him and he has not managed to stay true to his word.

Kejriwal and his idiotic “political outfit” started with lofty ideals of anti-corruption. The chief dramebaaz did his little piece. Promising that he doesn’t want to join politics. Swearing on his children. Not paying bail money because nothing spells political hero like a crusader in jail. To jog everyone’s memory, this happened in another defamation case filed by Nitin Gadkari. One wonders then, what happened to him now? What happened to those tall claims?

It appears AAP was the proverbial Schrödinger’s cat. At one point, everyone knew they had no substance and their chieftain was doing nothing but hoodwinking the public. But people waited. They were proverbially dead and alive at the same time. Now, finally, the box is open and we know for a fact, the cat is dead.

Dear AAP, rest, and just let us live in peace.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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