Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi HC upholds Kejriwal govt’s diktat, declares wearing a mask compulsory even while driving alone in a private car: Details

Arvind Kejriwal govt in Delhi had declared that wearing mask was compulsory even if driving alone in car

Delhi HC slams Kejriwal government for spending money on advertising instead of clearing dues of MCD employees: Details

The Delhi High Court slammed the Kejriwal government on Monday for not clearing the dues of MCD employees.

How Anna Hazare’s 2011 anti-corruption movement led by Arvind Kejriwal could have helped Congress in the 2014 Lok Sabha election

While the movement around Jan Lokpal Bill is widely acknowledged to have hurt Congress, the original plans might have been different.

RTI reveals Delhi’s AAP government, despite numerous boasts, developed no new hospitals, built no new flyover from 2015-2019

The reality seems far from what the AAP government in Delhi has advertised over the years.

Aam Aadmi Party passes off pics of different locations of Chandni Chowk as ‘before and after’ pic

Aam Aadmi Party thinks everyone's intelligence level is that of their supporters.

The Government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Act, the 4 amendments, what they mean and why the outrage by media is misplaced

Amendments are being made to “THE GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY OF DELHI ACT, 1991”, passed by Congress when in power

Delhi govt to offer job to brother of Ankit Sharma, IB staffer killed by an AAP-leader-led mob amidst chants of Allahu Akbar during Delhi...

A year after the horrific murder of IB staffer Ankit Sharma, Arvind Kejriwal govt has now decided to provide a government job to his brother.

AAP MLA Somnath Bharti apologises for his 2018 remark asking Sudarshan News journalist to take up prostitution, case closed: Details

Somnath Bharti had asked Ranjana Dwivedi to ‘stop doing bh*dwagiri’ followed by directing her to become a prostitute.

‘Delhi, Delhi, Billi, Billi’: NDTV’s Ravish Kumar has an extended meltdown as AAP displays its soft-Hindutva politics

Ravish Kumar appears visibly upset that Arvind Kejriwal is not aggressively attacking the Centre

Batla House encounter: As Ariz Khan faces the gallows, here is a list of politicians who shed tears for the Indian Mujahideen terrorists

While political opportunism is not new to Indian politics, the Batla House encounter was a glaring example of putting vote bank politics over the country's interests.

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