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The Prince and his dilemma: A short story

All he wanted to do was order his bags packed and leave for a vacation, as usual, but they won't let him.

The prince was sitting restlessly. It has been a totally crazy 2 months and the prince has not even had time to catch up on all the lost episodes of Chhota Bheem. Rajnikanth’s 2.0 came to theatres and everyone watched it, but the poor prince was made to keep working, keep travelling and keep giving speech after speech.

“I will not memorise all this stuff. It just too much pressure. Just tell me the city name where I am dropped for a rally and I will promise a mobile factory there”, He had declared long before. They cannot disobey him anyway. So they had agreed.

“But Prince, speeches are supposed to be long, just mobile factory won’t suffice.” The old uncles had tried to reason, but Prince was Prince, “Ok Ok, Rafale, Chowkidar, Ambani, Adani, suit boot, farmers, yuvaon ko rozgar etc etc bol dunga”, the prince had matured in the recent years, he knew how to make speeches.

The Queen beamed with pride. The courtiers had looked at him as the junior artists of Lagaan in the last scene of rainfall after the match has been won.

But today, Prince was visibly agitated. “Ab aur kitna kaam karna hai”, he screamed exhausted. All he wanted to do was order his bags packed and leave for a vacation, as usual. But the oldies have instructed – no more vacations, the Bhakts are mocking it too much. Prince had to stay, damn the Bhakts.

The queen came closer, “Dobbiamo ancora scegliere, mio figlio”. She said with mild authority.

“Ok then. We will choose”, Prince gave in. “Who are the hopefuls? Ask them to line up,” he ordered the courtiers.

The next day, they had all lined up. In the Middle province, the hopefuls for the lordship were Oldie uncle 1984 and buddy boy Jo. The Prince liked buddy boy Jo a lot, for he was a fellow prince too, but oldie uncle 1984 was favoured by many. So, uncle, it was. “Sorry, buddy boy Jo, mom said it had to be the uncle, next time, promise,” he had said to Jo.”

The sandy province was much more difficult. The Aviator dude was another favorite of the Prince, but Jadugar uncle was very powerful. It was going to be tough.

Sandy province people came late. “Are they coming on camels, mom?” The Prince had asked, getting visibly restless.

“Pazienza, mio figlio”, the queen said. “The lordship of the sandy province is an important position to give,” she explained.

“Yes, I would love free camel rides with the aviator dude,” Prince beamed like Yami Gautam after 6 days of trying Fair and Lovely. “He said he will take me to see the sand dunes in Agusta chopper”, Prince declared.

“It’s not about camel rides, mio figlio,” the queen added, avoiding Agusta completely, “we have to keep Robbie in mind while deciding whom to award the lordship, Robbie has landed there. He is a farmer too, remember? You promise you will not disappoint farmers”.

The prince slumped back on his chair. Politics is too much brain work. “When will I understand all these, mom?”, he asked, impatient.

“Soon, mio figlio, as soon as you come of age”, she said. “Are you ready to meet them now?

“Yes, send them in, just explain that camel ride part,” the prince gave in. “When I come of age, every mobile factory in every town will give free packets of potato chips to all farmers, he started thinking, all the MRIs in every state will be connected via Bluetooth, the Chinese will be lining up to buy patilas and locks made in UP and me and buddy boy Jo will go on a world tour in a Rafale Jet flying with an escape velocity of Jupiter.”……He drifted off to a peaceful sleep with a  double dimpled smile.

Disclaimer: All characters and scenarios in this story are completely fictional.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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