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Uttar Pradesh: Woman dies after being admitted in critical state, husband Naeem Baig and family beat up doctor

Naeem's wife Gulshan had given birth to a child at their home on 4th September. Gulshan was reportedly admitted in a critical condition after losing a lot of blood and her haemoglobin level was 3.9.

In Ramnagar’s Hardaspur area, a doctor was attacked and beaten up by a mob of family members of a woman after she died on Saturday, 7th September. As per reports, the family members’ attack was so vicious that they dragged the doctor away from the police van and started beating him again.

As per a report in Amar Ujala, Gulshan, the wife of Naeem Baig in Hardaspur, Ramnagar had given birth to a baby girl on 4th September at their home. After the birth, as it was at their home and not in a hospital, Gulshan had lost a lot of blood and was critical. 2 days later, on Friday evening, when her condition deteriorated further, Naeem Baig brought his wife to the Lilavati General Hospital in Hardaspur.

Naeem has stated that when one Dr Manoj at the Leelavati Hospital sent Gulshan’s blood for a lab test, it was found that her Haemoglobin level was at 3.9. Following which Dr Manoj advised the family to admit Gulshan immediately and prepare for urgent blood transfusion. The hospital demanded Rs 36,000 from which Naeem had reportedly paid Rs 25,000.

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On Saturday morning when Gulshan was being given blood, her condition allegedly deteriorated further and she expired. Following Gulshan’s death, Naeem and his family members, along with hundreds of people allegedly arrived at the hospital and started creating a ruckus. The mob alleged that Gulshan had died after being given the wrong type of blood. The mob allegedly dragged Dr Manoj to the street and beat him up badly.

As the news spread, police officer Sanjay Garg arrived at the spot and rescued Dr Manoj from the violent mob. But the mob was so enraged that they allegedly dragged Dr Manoj from the police vehicle and started beating him again. As the mob grew more violent and began attacking police personnel too, an extra force was called from Aliganj, Bhamora, and Bisharatganj stations. The SDM and CO rushed to the spot and managed to bring Naeem’s family and the doctors to the police station where they were told to talk and clear things up in a peaceful manner.

As per the report, Ram Prakash, the CO of Anwla has informed that both sides were encouraged to hold a peaceful discussion where Naeem’s family and the doctor agreed not to press any charges on each other.

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