Shahrukh, the Islamist who fired 8 rounds at police during anti-CAA riots in Delhi arrested

Islamist shooter, Shahrukh point gun at Delhi Policeman Deepak Dahiya

On the day of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the national capital has witnessed unprecedented violence. A Delhi police constable has lost his life in the riots that have ensued in the national capital in wake of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Another DCP has been injured during clashes in Delhi’s Gokulpuri. Amidst the riots, a video of a man opening fire at the police, and one policeman bravely standing in his way emerged. The shooter, identified as Shahrukh, has now been arrested.

Source: Twitter

Several Muslim anti-CAA rioters went on a rampage after a clash broke out between Pro-CAA and Anti-CAA groups in Maujpur near Jeffrabad, thereby leading to open firing in an attempt to intimidate the cops countering the mob, heavy stone-pelting and vandalism of public property.

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Interestingly, just as the video went viral, the usual suspects had started blaming ‘Bhagwa terror’. There were several Leftists and Islamists, who habitually shield Muslim rioters simply assumed that the shooter was someone from the “BJP/RSS” or a “Sanghi Goon”. However, as the identity of the shooter got an event, the usual suspects started retreating, without retracting their deceitful assertions.

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The deceit of the Left-Liberal establishment was such, that The Quint even changed its featured image in one of the articles because it showed the shooter Shahrukh with people wearing skull-caps and pelting stones. To ensure that he was not seen with the Islamist mob, the Quint had changed their image.

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