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Aakar Patel abuses Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar – reasons go beyond hatred for Modi

Today left is about hereditary privilege, elite education, indoctrination in wokeness, moral policing and hatred for the masses they claim to represent

The ‘Woke’ secular-liberal camp of current times is defined by its elitist arrogance and crass snobbery. ‘Human rights activist’ Aakar Patel is one such specimen. When news broke out that Bollywood stalwart Amitabh Bachchan had been diagnosed with Coronavirus, an ordinary person, whether one is a fan or not, would be expected to offer wishes of support and strength. But Aakar Patel is not an ordinary person. He does not think like a sane man.

His first reaction after hearing the news was to announce to the world his aversion towards celebrities such as the senior Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. According to Aakar Patel, these three gentlemen prove that ‘money is not the same as class’. The disdain he harbours for the masses is self-evident when he labels these stalwarts ‘middle class opportunists’.

Tweet by Aakar Patel

It only serves to demonstrate that Aakar Patel perceives himself and those like him as aristocrats of yesteryear in the West who believe certain privileges and status is earned by birthright and through affiliation to certain family lineages. It is not about money or how much the three gentlemen manage to earn, he assures us, they have a ‘frog in well mentality’ apparently. The truth, of course, is entirely different.

Aakar Patel expressing his dislike for Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Sachin Tendulkar

Much like the manner in which degenerate western aristocrats viewed ordinary individuals who managed to work their way to the top as ‘upstarts’, Aakar Patel, too, believes Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Tendulkar are opportunists. They don’t deserve the wealth, respect and honour they have earned entirely through their hard work, he believes. They are ‘opportunists’ in his eyes because they did not grovel before the ‘aristocratic’ class and neither begged for their approval.

Through hard work and grit

It is important to understand here what values the three individuals embody. Amitabh bachchan, arguably, had a father who was a renowned poet but the other two gentlemen who were the subject of Patel’s disdain worked upwards from the very bottom to reach the very top. Sachin Tendulkar and Akshay Kumar embody the virtues of hard work, grit, determination and the resolve to carry on even when everything appears to fall apart.

By all accounts, these two individuals did not have an easy life. They come from extremely ordinary backgrounds and achieved success through the talent the Gods have gifted them with and their indomitable will to overcome all odds in their path. When the world was going mad, ands it has always been mad, they kept their head down, honed their talents, kept pushing their limits and now, they are reaping the fruits.

Sachin Tendulkar, in particular, is an inspiration for hundreds and thousands of children worldwide. He had a humble beginning, a man of diminutive stature, an unconventional voice, average looks but he had fire in his belly and that made all the difference. When children are told about role models, it is men like Tendulkar that they are told to look up to.

Throughout his life, Sachin suffered numerous injuries which threatened his career. They might have crushed his body but never his spirit. Take everything away from him, his wealth, the awards he has been bestowed with, the honours he has been conferred, take all that away and he is still a great man who realised his potential to the maximum. He is a talented man from an ordinary family who performed extraordinary feats through his hard work.

Why Aakar Patel hates these ‘middle class opportunists’

Privileged people such as Aakar Patel could never appreciate that. They have no idea about the hard work that it takes to achieve greatness without bending their knees to anyone and sacrifice their self respect in the process. Aakar Patel hates the fact that Sachin Tendulkar has the audacity to not cower before people such as himself. Whatever Sachin has done so far or chooses to do in the future, it would be the decision of a man who has achieved greatness on his own merit. It is not the case with Aakar Patel.

If Sachin Tendulkar, a Brahmin, had paid his obeisance to the values of the ‘Woke’ aristocratic class, people such as Patel would not have spoken a word against him. The ‘Woke’ camp want him to feel apologetic about his Brahmin caste and attribute all his success to the privileges he has received due to it. The ‘Woke’ camp hates every Brahmin who does not stand in front of the mirror for an hour everyday and whip his back to rid himself of his ‘caste privilege’. Sachin Tendulkar has never issued statements to that effect. And so, the ‘Woke’ camp loathes him. All hard work he has put in gets attributed to his ‘caste privilege’ by the ‘wokes’.

Akshay Kumar, too, paved his way in an industry where as we’ve seen in recent times, genes trump talent. And then, he has done the most outrageous thing: He has appreciated Prime Minister Modi and his initiatives openly. Hence, he becomes an ‘opportunist’ for the elite left.

Amitabh Bachchan, too, has earned his wrath because he embodies values that do not conform with those of the ‘aristocratic’ elite. He is a stickler for rules, acts like the neighbourhood grandpa on social media and is a devout Hindu in his personal life. But most importantly, he lets his work do the talking and does not virtue-signal through his statements to the media. And significantly, the senior Bachchan does not share the ‘Woke’ disdain for the masses. Oh, and he has done the worst: He actually endorsed Gujarat as a tourist destination when PM Modi was Gujarat CM. Even worse: he spoke about Hindu temples and Navratri, the nine-night long dance festival devoted to the Goddesses. Clearly, he doesn’t deserve the respect of the Left.

How does one earn Woke approval?

One could argue that even the Ambanis share much of the same values as the three gentlemen mentioned above but he is never made to suffer classist attacks. You know, Ambani was seen banging thalis appreciating healthcare workers on call of PM Modi and he has been an unapologetic Hindu. There is good reason for that. Due to the plentiful riches the Ambanis have been blessed with, they often act as patrons for men such as Aakar Patel.

This ‘hafta’, so to speak, earns the Ambanis certain privileges that includes respect from the ‘Woke’ camp. That is why the Ambanis can afford to have tradition weddings for their children, observe genuine Hindu piety in their public life and not be apologetic about their status. So while Ambani will be subjected to jokes and allegations of ‘crony capitalism’, you won’t find anyone wishing death upon him. The toxic Left gives him the benefit because at the end of it, Ambani, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly funds the poison pen through which they spew venom.

Thus, there is only one way that men like the senior Bachchan, Tendulkar and Akshay Kumar will be able to get into the good books of the ‘Woke’ secular-liberal camp. Either they can pay what Aakar Patel believes is owed to the aristocratic class by constantly being apologetic about their caste, their upbringing and sharing into denigrating the values and virtues of the middle class or they can make the payment in currency notes. But the payment has to be made.

The Woke Brigade hates the masses

The ‘Woke’ secular-liberal camp loathes individuals who made their way to the top in their respective fields by the virtue of their own hard work and talent. They hate such values because they do not have it themselves. A society dominated by hardworking men and women would mean a society where money, power, respect and honour are earned through merit and hard work. The Woke camp cannot have that for obvious reasons and therefore, they wish to create a society where such privileges are earned by their consent and approval.

It is important to understand the extent of the hate that Aakar Patel and his ilk bear towards the masses. They hate the masses so much that they hate even wealthy people who do not share their disdain for ordinary people and embody values that are identified with the middle class. Such kind of people that the Congress ecosystem has patronised over the years. And the party has done so because the Nehru-Gandhi family is one of them.

This is precisely why such men can never be permitted to occupy the positions of power again. A ruling class that hates citizens who are not as privileged as them would ruin a country, a ruling class that hates their fellow citizens can never lead a country to prosperity. They believe that the country owes them its allegiance and not the other way. A ruling class that is degenerate to this extent will inevitably lead to a civilisational collapse.

The Left of today represents the western ‘aristocratic’ class. They are born into rich families or designated victim groups that are awarded special privileges by virtue of their birth, receive education in elite universities, are taught ‘Woke’ lingo that distinguishes them sufficiently from the ordinary masses and has the power to engage in moral policing and ‘cancel’ those it disagrees with.

In the eyes of the Left, reality is an exercise in eternal class conflict. What they do not realise is in their own class war, they are not the revolutionary peasants. They are the aristocrats whose yoke the masses have cast off. Their entire conduct and everything they do is designed to ensure that they do not lose their power and privilege in a world that is slowly but surely getting sick of them.

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