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Why is Kamala Harris so unlikable? She has a little Hillary Clinton problem

All of this points towards the obvious reality that Kamala Harris does not have any principles. She would say anything and do anything as long as it helps her acquire more power.

Why is Kamala Harris so unlikable? Regardless of the side of the political spectrum one is on, it perhaps will be conceded by vast sections of the Alerican electorate that Kamala Harris is one of the most disliked politicians at the national scene. Her unpopularity can be gauged from the simple fact that she was forced to drop out of the presidential race even before a single vote was cast in the Democrat primaries.

It took all of 2 minutes, possibly less than that, for Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to end her presidential campaign. But one suspects the reason why it was so easy for Gabbard to destroy Kamala Harris during the Democratic debates is that she merely confirmed the deep seated suspicions the Democrat voter-base already harboured regarding the Senator from California.

Tulsi Gabbard exposed the hollow nature of the public image Kamala Harris has built over the years. She spoke about the time when the Senator blocked evidence that would have proved the innocence of a man on death row, she locked up people for marijuana law violations while laughing about it when asked about consuming marijuana herself and these were just a few of a long list of transgressions Kamala Harris had committed over the years.

The debate between the Vice-Presidential candidates for the 2020 US Presidential Elections was broadcast in India early morning on Thursday. And the same personality trait that makes her so unpopular among people was once again evident during her debate with Mike Pence. One is likely to believe her unfettered laughter on the most inopportune moments has something to do with it.

During the debate, while Mike Pence appeared polite and cordial, Kamala Harris reeked of condescension and unbelievable pettiness. When questioned on her record in public service, as is the norm in any such debate, her response was not a coherent rebuttal of the arguments made by her opponent. She said, “I will not sit here and be lectured by the Vice President on what it means to enforce the laws of our country.”

That is not a valid response to criticism of her record. It reeks of entitlement and someone running for public office is expected to be more forthcoming in responding to questions asked of them. “You have no right ask me questions,” is a disastrous response for any politician. But this is a regular feature of her political career.

Kamala Harris is in the habit of saying things she does not mean. During the Democratic debates, she accused Joe Biden of being racist and when she was questioned on why she agreed to become the Vice-Presidential nominee of someone she believes is a racist, she hysterically laughed it off saying, “It was a debate!” It appears as if Kamala Harris honestly believes it is okay to call someone racist just to score political brownie points.

Again, she claimed that she believed the woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual harassment. But none of that seemed to matter when Joe Biden asked her to be his VP pick. All of this points towards the obvious reality that Kamala Harris does not have any principles. She would say anything and do anything as long as it helps her acquire more power.

The most disconcerting thing about her, of course, is her maniacal laughter that Kamala Harris does not appear to have any control over. And the manner in which she uses it tells quite a lot about her personality. It is her get out of jail card. Any time she is in a difficult position, she lets out that maniacal laughter to get out of trouble.

For instance, when Joe Biden told told her during one of the Democratic debates that the policy she proposed was unconstitutional, her response was, “Hey, Joe, instead of saying ‘no, we can’t’, let’s say ‘yes, we can’,” before breaking into another bout of hysterical laughter. Imagine being told that the policy position you are proposing is constitutionally invalid and your response is… demented laughter?

There are other sketchier things that she has done obviously. Recently, she promoted a fund that bailed rioters looting and burning down stores across the USA. In that, she had help from 13 other Joe Biden staffers. In the end, the money helped release a man accused of sexually assaulting a child.

All of this points towards an obvious fact that has not received enough attention as of yet. Kamala Harris has a Hillary Clinton problem. She is totally dishonest to her very bones and unfortunately for her, she is not even good at hiding it. Much like the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, Kamala Harris has a stellar credo if one goes by the book but the moment she opens her mouth to speak, it becomes evident that she is a power-hungry megalomaniac.

In the end, there was nothing Hillary Clinton could do to fix the problem and it ended up costing her the elections. Fortunately for the Democrats, Kamala Harris is not the first name on the ballot, therefore, if we are to go by conventional wisdom, her nomination as VP is unlikely to affect the outcome of the elections in November.

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