Ghaziabad Fake Hate Crime: One accused says he was angry as he lost unborn child because of the ‘tabeez’ given by Abdul Samad

Ghaziabad police record statement of accused Parvez Gujjar in assault case (source: THE MEABNI)

The Uttar Pradesh police, investigating the Ghaziabad, Loni assault case, has recorded the statement of Parvev Gujjar, one of the accused in the case. Since Parvez is currently lodged in Dasna jail in another extortion case, the police took his statement in the jail itself. The accused has reportedly confessed to hitting occultist Abdul Samad Saifi. He told the police that he was angry as he felt that the tabeez (occult amulet) given to him by Saifi had backfired and he lost his unborn child because of it.

Parvez Gujjar rued that his wife was 6 months pregnant and after he took the amulet from the Muslim occultist, his unborn baby died. He added that since he had taken the occultist’s tabeez, things went awry. This enraged him, therefore he thrashed Abdul Samad Saifi.

He further said that at the time the incident took place there were many people present there. Parvez also reconfirmed that Abdul’s beard was chopped off by one Kallu. 

According to a report by Zee News, Parvez Gujjar is lodged in jail since June 12 in an extortion case filed against him by Intezar, who also works as Abdul’s agent. Reportedly, there was a dispute between the two regarding some financial transaction, after which Intezar had filed a complaint against Parvev, based on which he was sent to jail.

Meanwhile, Ghaziabad police are searching for the absconding local Samajwadi Party leader Umed Pahelwan. According to the police, Umed’s last location was traced in Noida on the evening of June 17. By the time the police reached the spot to apprehend the SP leader, he had fled. Police are suspecting that since then, Umed has removed the SIM card from his phone and has been using the internet to contact his people. Police say that Umed’s mobile phone has been switched off, so his location is not available. Now the police are relying on Human Intelligence to track down the SP leader.

It is pertinent to note here that the SP leader Umed Pahalwan Idris, who appeared in a Facebook Live video alongside Ghaziabad assault victim Abdul Samad, had been booked by Ghaziabad police on June 17 for giving the incident of personal animosity a “communal colour”.

Samajwadi Party leader Umed Pahalawan takes U-turn

Interestingly, the SP leader, who reportedly made the victim of assault say that he was forced to chant Jai Shri Ram, took a complete U-turn while speaking with Zee News. He denied being aware of any religious angle in the incident. He further denied knowing anything about the ‘tabeez’ (occult amulet), for which even one Bauna Saddam had hired the services of occultist Abdul Samad Saifi. He also declined of being aware that Abdul Samad was attacked by a group of people that included Muslims too. In fact, he lamented that he was being targeted since he wears a skullcap and has a beard. 

For the unversed, the Samajwadi leader had done a Facebook Live video on June 7 alongside Ghaziabad assault victim Abdul Samad, in which he falsely castigated Hindus for beating up the elderly victim, chopping off his beard and forcing him to chant Jai Shri Ram slogans. 

Umed Pahalwan Idris, who was seen doing most of the talking on behalf of the victim, gave the incident a communal spin by claiming that Hindus attacked Samad. Using extremely abusive and crass language, the SP leader had issued open threats to Hindus who he claimed had attacked Abdul Samad.

Facebook live video by Umed Idris used by ‘liberals’ to communalise a petty fight to defame ‘Jai Shri Ram’

This Facebook live had got the ball rolling for the so-called secular liberals who lapped up the video to peddle their favourite ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative. The left-leaning brigade rushed to communalise the incident of personal animosity to defame the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chant which is sacred to Hindus.

This video along with one another muted video (which now stands deleted) of the incident where the victim was being assaulted was shared on social media handles by people like Alt News co-founder Muhammed Zubair and several others namely Rana Ayyub, The Wire, Salman Nizami, Maksoor Usmani, Sama Mohammad and Saba Naqvi. Zubair claimed that Abdul was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as he was beaten up and tried to give the incident a communal angle. 

On the very same day, Ghaziabad police uploaded a video apprising of the case giving relevant details and kept the social media users updated with the development thereon.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the Uttar Pradesh government filed an FIR on June 15 against Twitter for failing to flag the video with unverified claims as ‘manipulative’ and lack of action. 

Ghaziabad police sends legal notice to Twitter India MD for provoking communal unrest

Yesterday, the Ghaziabad police sent a legal notice to Twitter India MD  Manish Maheshwari. Accusing Twitter India of “provoking communal unrest”, the UP police directed Maheshwari to report to a police station at Loni Border near Delhi and record his statement within the coming 7 days. 

The UP police have written to Twitter India seeking details of accounts who first shared the misleading video. It asked the microblogging site to provide the name, user ID and the IP addresses of those handles which shared the video.

Speaking further on the matter, Ghaziabad SP Iraz Raja told Mirror Now that the 7 others who were named in the FIR would be served legal notices shortly. “That is under process. We are first taking it up with Twitter, then the other 7 Twitter users would be served notices”, said the Ghaziabad SP.

This is not the first time Islamist apologists and so-called liberals have tried to portray a random petty crime as hate crime. Here is a list of 20 such recent incidents where claims that a person from Muslim community was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram‘ have turned out to be fake. This is an indicative list and real figure would be much higher. 

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