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From ‘hijras harassing her’ to ‘shady Muslim maid doctoring her drinking water’, Tanushree Dutta makes shocking revelations on Instagram

Taking to Instagram, Tanushree Dutta said her work in the film industry had been sabotaged by her colleagues. She also alleged that a dubious Muslim maid was 'planted' at her place who doctored her drinking water with medications and steroids.

In the last few days, actress Tanushree Dutta took on Instagram to make some shocking revelations. In the most recent post that she published on July 19, Dutta alleged that she was being harassed and targeted.

She said her work in the film industry had been sabotaged for the last year. Above all, she alleged that a dubious Muslim maid was ‘planted’ at her place who doctored her drinking water with medications and steroids, resulting in health issues.

Recently, she was in Ujjain, where she allegedly went to escape from the harassment. However, on the way to Ujjain, she met with an accident. According to Dutta, someone tampered with the brakes of autos she travelled in, which led to the accident. She said, “I barely escaped death and returned to Mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life and work. Now strange, disgusting stuff in my building outside my flat.”

Dutta challenged those who were harassing her and said she would not commit suicide. “I’m here to stay & resurrect my public career to greater heights than ever before!” she added. Blaming the mafia in Bollywood, the political circuit of Maharashtra and anti-national elements, she said, “I’m very sure the #metoo culprits and the NGO who I exposed are behind all this because why else would I be targeted & harassed like this?”

Wishing for Presidential or Military rule in the state, she urged the central government to take control of the ground-level matters, which, according to her, were going out of hand.

Bollywood mafia trying to sabotage my acting career: Tanushree Dutta

A day before, she had talked about the Bollywood mafia trying to sabotage her film career. “I think some folks in Bollywood are just losing their marbles due to age and stuff and thereby going on a rampage trying to destroy lives and careers over slight provocations,” she said.

Dutta said though such people have money and power to do anything they want, “Karma is watching”. She urged those who were harassing her and actors like her to be a little graceful and let others thrive. “Don’t be such frigging monsters!” she said.

Actor lauds UP CM Yogi Adityanath for taking lead over population control, says she was targeted for religious conversion

In an earlier post, she talked about population control that UP CM Yogi Adityanath talked about. She said, “[I] believe that the government at the centre will take steps soon to make this a reality for safeguarding Hindu spirituality, which is severely under threat from forced conversions!”

Giving an example of her own life, she said though now she was a staunch Hindu, she had come face-to-face with people who tried to convert Hindus to other religions and give up Sanatan Dharma. She wrote, “One such item girl/ prostitute of Bollywood who was involved in a sex racket and prostitution ring many years ago and who also had an abetment to suicide case against her a few years back, bumped into me many years ago at Airport and tried her level best to convert me to Christianity. She cursed Hinduism and spoke badly.”

Dutta added when she refused to give heed to her attempts to convert, she took offence and tried to sabotage Dutta’s work. “She is a known ‘hijda’ or eunuch and hires fake husbands and boyfriends frequently to pretend to be a woman and remain in the news,” she added.

She said, “Her genitals are male and distorted according to contestants on a reality show a few years ago. I wonder how these men agree to make a mockery of themselves in media. This as*h*le has fake breasts but genitals of a man.” It is notable that in 2018 Rakhi Sawant accused Dutta of being a lesbian and raping her. Later Dutta sued Sawant for Rs 10 crores, after which Sawant issued an apology. However, it is unclear if Dutta was talking about Sawant or someone else.

Dutta wrote, “Years later during #metoo she/he took revenge in a very bad way by claiming to be in a live-in relationship with me and saying really weird things thereby questioning my feminity & calling me a drug addict amongst other horrendous lies. All because I did not convert. Recently another as*h*le, her friend, called up and tried to put me on a guilt trip for not going to church anymore and endorsing Hinduism.”

Tanushree Dutta alleges foul play in her accident, accuses shady ‘Muslim maid’ of doctoring her water

In an earlier post, she discussed about possible foul play that led to her accident. She alleged that prior to the accident, she had symptoms of steroid poisoning though she was not on any medication.

Talking about the shady maid who worked at her place, she said, “There was a new Muslim shady maid who had joined prior, and I suspect was mixing something in my water. I did my own investigation and found out details coz I don’t trust the Police anymore after what happened in #metoo in 2018.” She alleged that someone tampered with the brakes and clutch of the autos she travelled in Ujjain.

Colleagues and PR professionals may be involved in sabotaging my work: Dutta

She further said she has suspicions that a few of her work colleagues and PR professionals were involved in sabotaging her work projects. “They have been acting strange last 1.5 years,” she said. Everything I was doing or considering or getting into was being relayed somewhere to obstruct. And the media blinds & unsavoury articles etc. on a regular basis,” she added.

Comparing it with what had happened too late, actor Sushant Singh Rajput, she said, “SSR was being doused with steroids. Thus he was so incapacitated from being a healthy and active fit boy. All his symptoms are of this steroid called “Prednisone”, which has peculiar symptoms including clinical depression, anxiety attacks, deficiencies, water retention, excessive sleep and many more. Basically, it can wreak havoc on your life! It can be given orally mixed in water & is detected in tests only as cortisol that too only for 24 hr.”

Tanushree has been in the headlines because of the accusations she levels against actor Nana Patekar. In that case, the Police had found no concrete evidence that she was sexually abused. In the middle of the matter, Rakhi Sawant accused Dutta of raping her. At that time, Tanushree was a Jesus devotee and called upon Jesus to choose between her and Rakhi. She had also accused filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri of sexual harassment. Agnihotri had issued a legal notice against her. In one of her recent posts, she mentioned that all the defamation cases against her were dismissed.

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