Thursday, September 29, 2022
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The tale of two NDTV headlines: Mohammad Shalik’s murder vs Ankita, murdered by Shahrukh

It is regularly done by channels like NDTV to reinforce the narrative that the victims can only belong to one religion, and the aggressor always comes from one particular religion

English media and the missing outrage: How Ankita’s murder by Shahrukh Hussain and his smile after killing her hardly appalled the Left

Ankita Kumari in Jharkhand was brutally set on fire by Shahrukh Hussain after she turned down her advances.

What is wrong with being a ‘chaprasi’: As Congress leader Manish Tewari uses the term derogatorily, can Rahul Gandhi explain why Congress leaders keep...

This disdain towards 'chaprasis' or peons just betrays the Congress' and Manish Tewari attitude towards the people who make this country run.

Kapil Sibal is worried about the ‘independence’ of NDTV post-Adani acquisition, here is how the company got its money earlier

The promoter company of NDTV borrowed Rs 350 crores from Adani Group's subsidiary to pay off its earlier debt.

How Ambedkar, Communists, Periyar, and Muslim League opposed the Quit India movement and Gandhi

Periyar and Dr BR Ambedkar, whose ideology aligned with the Congress, were deeply critical of Gandhi.

Munawar Faruqui and Raja Singh: How the state protected one and failed the other

Raja Singh, accused of hurting religious sentiments of Muslims, is now behind bars in Hyderabad, a city where he is the MLA, an elected public representative.

Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha is a horribly made, boring parody of Forrest Gump, it is not surprising that nobody wants to watch it

If Aamir Khan makes a movie on the 1971 war, we would have 93000 Pakistani businessmen in India instead of 93000 prisoners of war.

Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap heckled in Bihar as hecklers draw online support from Congress supporters, ‘fact-checkers’, and ‘journalists’

Anjana Om Kashyap was heckled by an uncouth mob while she was in Patna to cover the churning in Bihar politics.

The University of Chicago’s fellowship to Rana Ayyub should come as no surprise as they had already revealed their Hinduphobic leanings: Details

Rana Ayyub recently took to Twitter to announce her fellowship with the University of Chicago.

Unremorseful after triggering a hate wave that claimed the lives of Hindus, Mohammed Zubair returns on Twitter to whitewash Jihadi violence

Mohammed Zubair recently tried to insinuate murders of Hindus by Islamists had nothing to do with blasphemy.

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