Thursday, September 29, 2022
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From befriending jail inmates to mysteriously deleted tweets: A glimpse into Alt News’ Mohd Zubair’s post-bail life

Left-leaning portals have brushed aside the Hinduphobic posts made by Mohd Zubair on Twitter and FB.

Propaganda outlet Newslaundry makes vulgar references to Anjana Om Kashyap, calls a show anchored by her “Dalla Bol” 

In its video, Newslaundry referred to Anjana Om Kashyap’s news show “Halla Bol” as “Dalla Bol”.

Four Muslim youth arrested over namaz inside Lulu Mall: How the usual suspects in media spread fake news to malign Hindus

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rohini Singh, and RJ Sayema were among those who peddled fake news over Lulu Mall namaz row.

Alt News’ Mohammed Zubair’s identity triggers speculation if he’s a living Kasab or a convicted rapist. Fact-checking these viral claims

The viral claims say that Mohammed Zubair is either a living Kasab, his cousin, a Nirbhaya rapist or a Rohingya Muslim.

Ichhadhaari protestor Yogendra Yadav heads to Sri Lanka to become the leader of the protests against the local government

Out of work, and out of headlines, since the farmers' protest in India, the andolanjeevi inside Yogendra Yadav couldn't stop himself after seeing the news of the protests on TV.

Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, & more: Streaming giants host Islamist songs calling for beheading over ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad

Streaming services have allowed their platforms to host hate songs calling for beheading of those who indulge in 'blasphemy'

Marketing agency distances itself from its employee Joy Das over his Hinduphobic tweets; promises to take action for hurting sentiments

For years, internet troll Joy Das has used his Twitter account to express his religious bigotry against Hindus, insulting their faith and their Gods.

‘Goli maaro saalo ko’ is not same as ‘sar tan se juda’: You and I are not same

'Goli maaro saalo ko' is rhetorical, whereas 'sar tan se juda' paints a specific target. Not the same thing.

Islamist apologists don’t want you to know a ‘Samuday Vishesh’ neighbour next door might behead you, hence appeals against the circulation of video

A section of SM users have appealed against the circulation of videos of brutality meted out on Kanhaiya Lal by Islamists.

Islamists kill another Hindu man while journalists try to paint Mohammed Zubair, who triggered the Islamists, a victim 

A Hindu man in Udaipur was killed for supporting Nupur Sharma weeks after Mohammed Zubair dog whistled Islamists against her.

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