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Protecting Arhtiya system was Congress’ poll promise: How Congress has served Arhtiyas and how ‘farmers’ protest is not about farmers at all

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh described the relationship between farmers and arhtiyas as 'age-old time-tested'.

Handpulled rickshaws, old buildings and a city on the cusp of revolution: Held back by ‘Aantels’ who romanticise poverty, dream of ‘Shonar Bangla’ lives...

Kolkata is a city that holds special significance in the heart of every Bengali, whether they live there or not.

Weaponization of Guilt: Why ‘Sorry Asif’ trended on social media and the hidden agenda of demonizing Hindu Temples

A Muslim boy was allegedly beaten after he allegedly entered a Temple to drink water and 'Sorry Asif' trended on social media.

Democracy under threat in USA? Military under Biden intimidates, threatens civilians, journalists over policy disagreement

he US Military under Joe Biden has launched a comprehensive propaganda campaign against Tucker Carlson.

‘Savarnas’ and ‘Intersectional equity’: Climate Justice is more about Leftist ‘Woke’ politics than climate, Disha Ravi’s statement shows why

Climate Activist Disha Ravi has been at the heart of the global campaign against India over the farmer protests.

Circus of the damned: Mainstream media welcomes new digital media guidelines but begs to be exempt, left leaning outlets are heartbroken

Members of Digital News Publishers' Association (DNPA) met Prakash Javadekar recently over the new guidelines for Digital Media.

What is Blue Anon? A term for conspiracy theorists that was recently removed by Urban Dictionary from its platform

Blue Anon is term used to describe left wingers that peddle Trump-centric delusional conspiracy theories.

Woman heard crying in Sonia Gandhi’s house after Delhi Court convicts Ariz Khan in Batla House encounter case

A Delhi Court has ruled that Ariz Khan is guilty in the Batla House Encounter case, years after Sonia Gandhi had cried.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee smiles from above: What BJP means by ‘Aashol Poriborton’ Narendra Modi makes it clear in Kolkata

Prime Minister Modi addressed a massive crowd on Sunday at the historic Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata.

Staring at obliteration, communists find God: Man dressed as Shiva campaigns for uber-secular CPIM and the lessons it has for political parties

A man dressed as God Shiva was seen campaigning for the CPI(M), a party that postures itself as a uber-secular communist party.

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