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Eid 2024 in 18 incidents: How the Islamic festival was used to unleash insult, violence against Hindus, desecrate Temples and more

In this report, we have chronicled 18 such wanton attacks and insults Islamists carried out against Hindus on their Islamic festival of Bakrid this year.

For years now, we have witnessed how Islamists get triggered whenever Hindus celebrate any of their festivals. Whether it be on Hanuman Jayanti, Saraswati Puja, or Ram Navami celebrations, radical Islamists have always utilized insults and attacks as a deliberate means to impose their ideology and establish their dominance.

Such attacks have resulted in deaths and injuries, caused huge losses to the public exchequer and created an atmosphere of fear and terror, precisely what the Islamists wanted to discourage ‘Kafirs’ or idolators from weighing in on their religious beliefs and scriptures.

This intolerance against Hindus is, however, fast-growing. These attacks are not limited to just Hindu festivals any more. In fact, the rise, revival and renaissance of Hinduism have unnerved these Islamists so much that they have now started utilising Muslim festivals also to unleash insults and violence against Hindus. Such fundamentalists are forever keen to launch vicious attacks on Hindus even on days which are auspicious to them.

This year, the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha or Bakrid was celebrated worldwide on June 16 and June 17. Similar to previous years, radical Islamists across the country carried out several incidents of violence against Hindus on this day. There have also been incidents recorded where Islamists, rather than celebrating their festival, were preoccupied with triggering Hindus by desecrating temples and mocking the religious beliefs of Hindus. Below, we have chronicled 18 such wanton attacks and insults Islamists carried out against Hindus on their Islamic festival of Bakrid this year.

Maharashtra: Hindus attacked for protesting against the slaughter of cows on Bakrid

On 17th June, a massive controversy erupted in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Maharashtra, after Islamists in the region allegedly slaughtered cows instead of goats on the occasion of Bakrid. The accused Islamists also are said to have attacked local Hindus and Hindu activists who protested against the act. The incident is said to have happened in the Daulatabad region of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district. Several Hindus who were injured in the incident have been admitted to the hospital for proper medical treatment.

In what led to the conflict, the Hindu activists initially got a tip that the Islamists were slaughtering cows instead of goats on Bakrid. They then informed the police about the matter who further raided the premises of the Islamists discovering the truth. The police found that several cows were being slaughtered on the occasion of Bakrid instead of goats. The Hindus protested against the incident and raised slogans after which the Islamists attacked several Hindu activists for allegedly informing the police about the slaughtering of cows.

Jharkhand: Amanullah and Hakim Khan slaughter a cow to offer Qurbani on Bakrid

On Tuesday, June 18, a video emerged showing some people slaughtering a calf in full public view for offering Qurbani on the occasion of Id-ul-Adha or Bakrid. According to reports, the alleged incident took place on Monday (June 17, 2024) in the Ramzan Colony police station area in ​​​​Ranchi, Jharkhand.

After the video went viral, the Ranchi police registered a case and launched a manhunt for Amanullah and Hakim Khan, identified as the primary accused in the case. The duo reportedly fled after the video of the incident went viral.

It is worth noting that the cow slaughter prohibition law has been in force in Jharkhand since 2005.

Hindu family in Pune assaulted after argument over Eid goat hitting a child

On Monday (17th June), a Hindu family residing in the Yerwada region of Pune was brutally assaulted by a large Muslim mob resulting in severe injuries. The Hindu family was immediately shifted to the Sassoon Hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the city police has reportedly booked 5 persons including 3 minors, and detained 12 persons in the given case. The adults who have been booked by the police have been identified as Monty Sayyed and Jameer Sayyed.

As per the complaint filed by complainant Ravi Vishwakarma, the incident is said to have happened on Sunday (16th June) evening when the 3-year-old Hindu girl from his family was playing in the courtyard. Meanwhile, the 3-4 minor boys belonging to the Muslim community, residing in the same area were playing with the goats which their family had got for slaughter on Bakrid.

One of the goats ran and hit the girl after which her family rushed to the courtyard to see what had happened. As they asked the boys about the incident they began arguing with the Hindu family members and also began assaulting them. The Hindus asked the boys to avoid playing with animals like this on the street as they (animals) may harm small kids, but they (the accused minor boys) threw a cycle on the head of the complainant and also abused his Hindu family.

Muslim youth threatens to slaughter goat within housing society in Mira road on Bakrid, abuses Hindus when they objected

On Monday, June 17th, the Kashigaon Police Station in Mumbai’s Mira Road region booked an individual named Vajud, a resident of  Hill Galaxy Apartment, for insulting and threatening Hindus and abusing the religion saying, “Hinduo ke m** ki ch**”. 

The incident is said to have happened on 16th June and was exclusively reported by OpIndia. 

The Muslim residents residing in the  Hill Galaxy Apartment and JP North Celeste Society on Mira Road got goats inside the society premises for illegal slaughter ahead of the Bakrid festival. The Hindus protested against the incident and called the police. However, the police are believed to have allowed the goats saying that there was no livestock policy within the society.

Amid this, the Hindus launched massive protests and objected to the slaughter on the society’s premises. However, the Muslim residents argued with the Hindus and claimed that they would slaughter the goats on the society’s premises.

Odisha: Stone pelting, clashes after Hindus raise alarm over alleged cow slaughter on Bakrid

On 17th June, the Balasore district administration imposed Section 144 in the region from Pir Bazar to Patrapada (later extended to the entire Balasore municipality) after Islamists pelted stones at Hindus and a clash occurred between 2 communities in the district in Northern Odisha.

The incident occurred after people spotted a red blood colour substance flowing in the drain near the Pir Bazar. It was alleged that cows were slaughtered in the area during Id-ul-Adha or Bakrid celebrations. The news spread quickly in the area and several Hindus came onto the road protesting against cow slaughter at Pir Bazar.

Following the protest, the Islamists started pelting stones at the protestors leading to a clash between the two groups. The stone pelting continued for around 15 minutes. Around five people including police personnel sustained injuries. Over 15 vehicles were damaged during the clash.

Navi Mumbai: Shop Owner sells goat meant for Bakrid scribbled with ‘Ram’

On the occasion of Bakrid, an incident occurred in Navi Mumbai that hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. The owner of a mutton store had kept a goat, meant for sacrifice, with the name “Ram” written on it. The owner of this mutton store is identified as Muhammad Shafi as flashed on the board. 

On 15th June, some people from the Hindu organization reached there and made a video of a white goat with the word “Ram” inscribed on its back in yellow colour. They then informed the authorities who took the goat into their custody. The video of the occurrence had gone viral on social media.

A complaint was registered under relevant sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) and police have detained the shop owner,” informed a police official.

Pamphlets asking for cow sacrifice issued in Bharuch ahead of Eid

Ahead of Eid al Adha, the image of a pamphlet went viral on social media, which was reportedly issued by the Bharuch-based Islamic organisation Darul Uloom Barkat-e-Khawaja in Amod village. The pamphlet circulating on social media ahead of Bakrid explained how to slaughter an animal (how to offer Qurbani according to Islam).

The pamphlet, written mostly in Urdu, also mentioned cows along with other animals, hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community, and sparking an outrage on social media. The Hindu community demanded strict action in this matter.

After the pamphlet giving instructions on cow sacrifice went viral, there was an outburst of anger among the local Hindu community. Local Hindu activists also brought this matter to the attention of the Amod police. Additionally, after the pamphlet went viral sparking outrage among the Hindu community, an apology letter in the name of Abdurrahim Jibawa Rathod of Darul Uloom Barkat-e-Khwaja in Amod also started circulating on social media.

Jaipur: Tension after man carries beef before Bakrid

Tensions erupted in the Kishangarh town of Ajmer district in Jaipur ahead of Bakrid after a man came on a bike and threw meat in the market area before fleeing. Hindu organisations protested saying that the scattered meat was that of a cow. It is alleged that these remains included severed legs and some other body parts. 

According to reports, a vegetable market is held in Oswal Mohalla of the Madanganj area of ​​Ajmer. It is always overcrowded. On Wednesday at around 11:45 am, a biker passed through the market. He scattered meat on the road and fled.

The shopkeepers were so enraged by the outrageous act that they closed the market in protest. Seeing the situation getting tense, the police lathi-charged and dispersed the crowd.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (Kishangarh) Mahipal Chaudhary, meanwhile, said that a bike rider was going to a vegetable market when animal remains inadvertently fell from his vehicle. He added that the meat was sent to a veterinary hospital for examination and it turned out to be that of a buffalo and not cow.

The police took the bike rider and the shopkeeper from whom he brought the meat into custody and are being interrogated.

Protests erupt after Javed instigates Hindus by uploading cow-slaughtering picture on WhatsApp status

In Himachal Pradesh’s Simaur district, outrage erupted over an outsider Muslim youth named Javed allegedly slaughtering a cow on Bakrid (17th June). Hindu rights organisations alleged that Javed, who runs a garments shop in Nahan slaughtered a cow and then put up a picture of the same on his WhatsApp status. After the incident, Hindu organisations staged a protest outside Javed’s shop. According to the last update, the Muslim youth has been absconding.

In this case, OpIndia was informed by the Nahan police station’s SHO that Javed most likely did not make this sacrifice in Nahan.

He stated that a probe into the matter is underway, and Javed’s whereabouts are being tracked down. He said that it is still unclear which animal was slaughtered as a sacrifice. He added that locals in Nahan are outraged over Javed’s alleged act.

A purported video of the protest taken by Hindu organisations had gone viral, showing an enormous crowd in front of Javed’s shop. Hindu organisations urged that those from other communities who had travelled to Nahan to open shops be subject to additional verification and should not be given shops without any prior approval.

Pieces of meat thrown by scooty riding youths outside Shiva temple in Jaipur

Tension erupted in Jaipur on Tuesday (18 June 2024), after some unidentified miscreants came on a bike and threw meat in front of a Shiv Temple located in the Chanakya Marg area in Subhash Chowk before fleeing. The incident happened at around 4.30 pm and was caught on the CCTV cameras placed in the area.

A video of this incident also surfaced, in which large pieces of meat are seen lying in front of the temple. This incident is said to have happened on the day of Ganga Ekadashi, an auspicious day for the Hindus.

As soon as the information about the incident spread, Hindus in the locality reached the area and protested. The angry protestors then reached the Subhash Chowk police station to complain about this matter.

Maharashtra: Police assaulted for foiling cow slaughter attempt for Bakrid

Police in Maharashtra’s Palghar district were assaulted as they attempted to stop some Muslim youths from transporting cows to Malegaon for slaughter for Bakrid. The incident happened in the early hours of Monday (June 17). The accused identified as Soheb Khan, Sheikh Shabir Sheikh, Sumit Lazarus Kharat, Bablu Sheikh and Musa Haroon Shaikh confessed that they were taking the cows to Malegaon for slaughter for Eid-al-Adha in a truck when a police patrolling team intercepted their vehicle.

District Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil stated that a patrolling team received a tip-off that cows were to be loaded into a truck from an orchard for slaughter in the area. Upon searching the area, the police found them hiding in a hillock. During the chase, the accused allegedly pelted stones at the police team, and one of them attempted to attack a cop with a sickle.

Palghar police arrested six accused, recovered six cows and five calves valued at Rs 15 lakhs from the accused, and sent them to a cattle shelter.

On June 17, an FIR was registered against the accused under Sections 307 (attempt to murder), 353 (assault or criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging their duty), and other relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act.

Telangana: Communal clash over transportation of cows for slaughter ahead of Bakrid

Communal clashes erupted in Telangana’s Medak town on Saturday (June 15) over alleged transportation of cows for slaughter ahead of the Bakrid festival. The clashes purported escalated after a Muslim mob stabbed BJYM karyakarta Raj Arun. The incident occurred during a peaceful march to the police station to complain about the illegal slaughtering of cows in the town.

The Organiser quoted local sources as confirming that activists belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Gow Samrakshana Samiti detected cows being detained in the Bangla Cheruvu area, possibly for illegal slaughter. After receiving this tip, the cops were informed, who in turn arrived at the spot and seized the animals.

The activists also reported another location in Narsikhed, where a madarsa was allegedly housing 70 more cows for slaughter. However, before the police could reach them, the madarsa members attacked the Hindus who were on their way to the madarsa with sticks and rods.

After these incidents, Hindus got together at a nearby Ramalaya temple to file a police complaint. The tension was heightened in the area after Muslims reached here too and wielded weapons and made provocative gestures against the peaceful protestors. While the Hindus were walking towards the police station, near the Shivaji statue, a member of the Muslim mob armed with knives and swords stabbed Raj Arun.

While he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, the police conducted a lathi charge to control the situation in which several Hindus were injured. The mayhem was exacerbated when another Muslim mob started throwing stones from the hospital’s rooftops onto the Hindu group gathered at the police station. In the subsequent chaos, shops at the old bus terminal and Ramdas Chowrasta were vandalized.

The police, instead of taking action against the cow smugglers arrested nine people including Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) district president Gaddam Srinivas and town president M Nayam Prasad on Sunday, June 16.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Raja Singh alleged that the Telangana police arrested him at the airport while he was going to meet BJP workers who were injured in the Medak clash. “Medak police have one-sidedly supported the attackers. All BJP and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) karyakartas have been arrested by the police while the attackers roam freely,” he said.

“BJP workers were attacked with knives when they stopped anti-social elements from transporting cows,” the MLA added.

Severed head of a cow found outside Kali Mata Mandir in Sangam Vihar, Delhi

Ahead of Bakrid, a severed head of a cow was found lying outside the gate of a Hindu temple in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar area. According to reports, some unknown miscreants were behind the incident. Police rushed to the spot and controlled the outraged mob gathered outside the Kali Mata Mandir,

Madhya Pradesh police take action against illegal beef trade: recover 150 cows, beef, animal fat, cattle skin and bone from homes of 11 Muslims

Ahead of the Islamic festival of Bakrid, the Madhya Pradesh police demolished the houses of 11 Muslim people in the state’s tribal-dominated Mandla district. The police said that the demolition was part of the action against the illegal beef trade in the state and that these houses were built on government land.

The action was taken after police received a tip-off that a large number of cows were held captive for slaughter in the Bhainwahi area in Nainpur town of MP’s Mandla district. Upon raiding the police discovered 150 cows tied in the backyards of the accused. Cow meat was recovered from the refrigerators in the homes of all the 11 accused. We also found animal fat, cattle skin and bones, which were stuffed in a room.

The official further claimed that the local government veterinarian confirmed that the seized meat was beef.

The SP said an FIR was registered on Friday night following the recovery of the cows and beef. He added that one of the accused was arrested while a hunt was on for the remaining 10.

Police sources said the criminal history of two of the accused has been gathered, and the process was on to find out about the antecedents of the remaining persons. “All the accused are Muslims,” they added.

Zakir and Shakir throw cow’s head inside Jagannath Mahadev Mandir in Ratlam’s Jaora

Massive protests erupted on the streets of Ratlam’s Jaora area in Madhya Pradesh after a severed head of a cow was found in the premises of Lord Jagannath temple on Friday (June 14). Following protests by Hindus, police arrested two accused in the case, and their houses were demolished.

The incident came to notice after the priest of the Jagannath Mahadev temple in Jaora of Ratlam district reached the temple in the morning. As soon as reaching the temple, the priest spotted the bleeding head of a cow’s calf on the campus. He immediately informed the police and local residents, and Hindu groups and local devotees reached the temple soon. The incident provoked outrage among Hindus, with Hindu organisations shutting down the market of Jaora and blocking the four-lane road.

In the meanwhile, police started an investigation immediately, and identified two accused persons from CCTV footage. The police then reached their residences and detained them, who have been identified as Zakir and Shakir.

Haryana: Cattle smugglers open fire in Nuh at people trying to protect cows from slaughter

A cow protector was allegedly shot at by cattle smugglers in the early hours of Saturday morning (15th June) near Mahu-Chopta village in Haryana’s Nuh district, police said. The Police added that his condition is said to be critical. 

The Police added that the victim was identified as Sonu Yadav alias Sarpanch, a native of Rewari district. He was rushed to a private hospital in Faridabad from where he was referred to  Gurugram’s Medanta Medicity where he is receiving treatment.

Police further stated that Sonu, a cow protector, and six others were chasing a vehicle that was suspected to be smuggling cattle, on the Delhi-Mumbai expressway near Ferozepur Jhirka, when the smugglers attacked them. 

Cow slaughtered in Meerut ahead of Bakrid

Cows were slaughtered on Bakrid in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. A huge quantity of beef was recovered in the police raid. The main accused Mohammad Parvez was arrested while one other accused fled. A case was filed at Meerut’s Mevgarhi police station.

Dozens of cow carcasses discarded in MP’s Seoni post-Bakrid

In an alarming event meant to hurt Hindu beliefs, over 53 carcasses of cattle were discovered in three separate locations including Seoni in Madhya Pradesh on June 20th. These corpses were not only carelessly discarded but also flung into the sacred waters of the Wainganga River, adding to the community’s distress.

Receiving complaints, the local police swiftly summoned a veterinary doctor to check the remains. Following the examination, the carcasses and remains were buried, and an immediate inquiry was launched.

As per the exclusive report by Organiser, the remains of around 19 cows had been thrown into the river, and apart from this, more than 32 cows had been slaughtered in other nearby areas. Several of the cows had been mutilated, with portions of their bodies left all over the forest and their heads hacked off.

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