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‘Lakhvi told us, till you are alive, keep killing, that’s a sure shot way to heaven’: Full transcript of Mumbai 26/11 attacker Ajmal Kasab’s...

Ajmal Kasab, in his narco test, shed light on how Park-based terror masterminds brainwashed poor men for Islamic jihad

‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ on steroids: Christian preacher claims Jesus saved her from a Reptilian who posed as her husband to have sex with her

Sharon Gilbert said that an alien, which was a reptile in disguise, imitated her husband and tried to have sex with her.

‘Over 60 tractors and 1,000 protesters to march to the Parliament on Nov 29’: Rakesh Tikait threatens Centre yet again

Rakesh Tikait's threat to stage tractor rally came days after PM Modi announced the withdrawal of three farms laws last week

From ‘fire in Mamata Banerjee’s panties’ to rape jokes: Vices that torment India’s comic scene

From objectification of women to innuendos on women's virginity, Indian comedians have a habit of perpetuating immoral behaviour under the guise of “comedy”

OpIndia Explains: The virtual world of cryptocurrency and the challenges it poses for Indian govt

PM Modi on Saturday chaired a meeting on the way forward for managing the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector in the country

12 November 1969: The day when the ‘Syndicate’ expelled the then Indian PM Indira Gandhi from the Congress party

Indira Gandhi was expelled from the party on the grounds of "fostering a cult of personality" and violating party discipline

Sooryavanshi and Family Man called ‘Islamophobic’ shows how whitewashing of Islamism is a religious duty of liberals

Liberals are outraged with Sooryavanshi because a villain in the movie is a Muslim, despite the movie's attempts to 'secularise' Islamic terrorism and its root cause.

Leftists slam Shashi Tharoor for wishing LK Advani: How the attack reflects bigotry against political opponents

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was attacked for his tweet wishing BJP leader LK Advani on his 94th birthday

Four times National Award winning actress wins Padma Shri, ‘liberals’ can’t keep calm

Kangana Ranaut was awarded with Padma Shri Award 2020 by President Kovind on Monday at a ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhawan

The treachery of Indian movies: How real incidents are distorted to perpetuate lies and propaganda

Spreading political propaganda and twisting details from real-life cases to politically weaponise them has become the hallmark of the Indian movie industry.

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