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Rajan enjoys writing about politics, cinema, and current affairs. He tweets at @Sir_R_U_L

The Wire and its ignominy: What went wrong, its impact and how it should be

It is a time of considerable ignominy for The Wire. The organization was compelled to make not one but two retractions of major news stories it broke.

On Amitabh Bachchan birthday, here are the 10 underrated performances that never got their due

Most film superstars would dream of having one tenth of Amitabh Bachchan body of work and the range of work he has done

From Kashmir issue to China to corruption: Nehruvian Blunders that continue to hurt India till this day

Nehru unwisely rejected myriad obvious offers such as a permanent UN Seat, Nuke Assistance from the US, and offers of Nepal and Baluchistan to join India. His failure to lead educational and economic empowerment served as impediments to upward mobility for regular Indians.

How Jawaharlal Nehru became first Prime Minister of free India

It is sad, unfortunate, and scandalous that the very first election that would decide the leader of free India was manipulated. It wasn’t only the election but the future of India that was rigged.

Can Big Tech interfere in India’s 2024 elections? What it has done in the USA, the risks and what the Indian govt must do

Twitter began with small measures such as shadow banning Trump supporters and suppression of tweets covertly, and in time, they escalated

Lockdowns, ‘Covidiots’ and ‘Responsible’ Citizens

We know of the recent surge in COVID cases all over India, but the simultaneous surge in ‘responsible’ citizens appalled by the irresponsibility of ‘Covidiots’

Bloomsbury India Vs Freedom of expression: How ‘liberals’ dictated what could and should be consumed by readers

The self-appointed custodians of freedom of speech decided that the virtual event provided a forum for ‘bigots’ to propagate ‘hate’.

Exit Polls and their methodology have too many flaws to ignore: Is this exercise turning out to be a complete farce?

Owing to the absence of a scientific methodology, exit polls are turning out to be as reliable as forecasts from the meteorological department.

How the forgotten majority played a major role in securing Modi a second term

Decoding Narendra Modi’s amazing re-election

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