Friday, June 14, 2024
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Shashank Singh

Modi, Doval call high level meeting as Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter followers get stuck, Pres Kovind also intervenes

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter follower crisis sends India's top leadership into tizzy.

‘Critics are not trolls, milord’: ‘Faceless and nameless’ troll writes open letter to Chief Justice of India

A 'nameless, faceless but not shameless' troll writes an open letter to the Supreme Court regarding its recent request.

Why a cartoonist imagines ‘gothra’ while reality is ‘halal’ vaccines. Understanding the mindset

You see, Satish Acharya wouldn't really want to be Charlie Hebdo'ed, right?

On World Environment Day, we need to remind ourselves that India does not need SUV driving, AC loving nature lovers

On this year's World Environment Day, let us begin our annual lessons on saving the environment with a story.

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