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While the Nation celebrated its 75th year of Independence, here is how ‘The Hindu’ chose to worship Nehru and sound despondent

Left with no choice to adopt it, the Congress party came up with what they know best – worship Nehru and his dynasty even while referring to the Indian flag! 

Modi govt has completed yet another successful telecom spectrum auction and Congress is using it to wash its own 2G scam sins

The Modi government has completed yet another successful telecom spectrum auction and Congress is using it to wash its 2G scam sins

How The Hindu tortured data to claim ‘consumer sentiment weaker in Rural areas’: Here is an analysis of 5 graphs they misrepresented

At first glance of one such “Data Point” published on July 27th, 2022, it looked like there is a gloomy scenario in the country today. 

How three bizarre articles published on the same day reflects the pathological anti-Modi bent of The Hindu

The Hindu on Monday published three bizarre articles to perpetuate its propaganda against the Modi govt.

Venkaiah Naidu not being NDA’s President candidate becomes excuse for Telugu channel to ask for secession of South India: Delusions, lies, desh-droh

One of the staunch Pro-TDP Telugu channel, ABN Andhrajyothy, was upset that Venkaiah Naidu was not NDA's President candidate

KCR and his national ambitions: How and why he thinks he is showing the way

How does anyone trust KCR? His U-turns on issues and people are now legendary. His vitriol, especially on the BJP and its leaders, has isolated him from a lot of apolitical folks in the state.

How the ‘opposition’ has extraordinary powers that they use to scuttle voices of dissent as ‘journalists’ rejoice or look the other way

The “Opposition” that the media keeps referring to, actually holds extraordinary power that is often used to scuttle voices of dissent

While media projects Telangana CM KCR as a conquering hero after his ‘national tour’, here is the truth of the overhyped Delhi visit

“National tours” of KCR are always staggered, often to same states because he only meets leaders from non-BJP parties

The tale of two conclaves over the weekend: Ideas for India and India Ideas

Towards dinner time on Friday, 20th of May, social media was abuzz with video clippings of Rahul Gandhi’s now-familiar ramblings.