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Reports say govt may set up panel to ‘study condition of Dalits who convert to Islam or Christianity’: Why we need to tread carefully

With several such pleas pending in the court, that demand reservation for "Dalit Christians" and "Dalit Muslims", according to media reports, the government is now mulling setting up a panel to study the condition of those Dalits who convert to Christianity or Islam.

Meet Majid Freeman, terror sympathising Leicester man who instigated violence against Hindus and is influencing the media’s anti-Hindu coverage

Leicester has been burning with Muslim mobs going on a rampage against Hindus and Majid Freeman is in the middle of it

Leicester violence by Islamists against Hindus: How religious symbols were used to identify and target Hindus by Muslim mobs

After hundreds of Islamists gathered in city’s eastern section, violence erupted in Leicester, UK, with Hindus being the target

Neither ‘Dara Hua’ nor ‘Jai Bheem’: As Muslim side declares Ambedkar’s views on Hijab ‘offensive’ in SC, it’s time for a reality check

Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging Karnataka HC order banning Hijab in educational institutes

Death of ASI Yunus Khan, his multiple wives, several children and “propaganda”: How these Muslims are the real ‘Islamophobics’

ASI Yunus Khan, posted at Delhi Crime Branch, was found dead in his residence - and soon, it devolved into a conversation about Islamophobia

Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case: Explaining the arguments of Masjid Committee application, objections of the Hindu side and the Court verdict

Varanasi court verdict dismissed application by Masjid committee upholding maintainability of suit to worship in Gyanvapi

OpIndia talks to Karnataka minister Dr Ashwath Narayan: Ganesh Chaturti vs Hijab, Veer Savarkar controversy, Tipu Sultan, Praveen Nettaru, floods and more, in a freewheeling conversation with Dr Ashwath Narayan, Karnataka Minister, attempts a snapshot of pre-election mood in Karnataka

The exclusive story on how Ramasimhan’s movie on 1921 Malabar Genocide of Hindus is being stonewalled: Cuts by CBFC, threats by Islamists and more

CBFC has been stonewalling the upcoming Malayalam film ‘Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare’, revolving around the Malabar Genocide of Hindus, by filmmaker Ali Akbar aka Ramasimhan

6 things Siddique Kappan lied about to get bail: Working for PFI mouthpiece in Saudi that made Osama a martyr to what he really...

The state of Uttar Pradesh has filed a Statement of Objections, sworn to by the Deputy SP, STF Unit Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the Investigating Officer in the Hathras conspiracy case, opposing the bail plea of UAPA accused Siddique Kappan.

Movie on the Malabar Genocide barred from showing scenes depicting brutality by Moplah Muslims against Hindus: What Director Ali Akbar said

Upcoming Malayalam film ‘Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare’ by filmmaker Ali Akbar who changed his name to Ramasimhan Aboobakker after reconverting to Hinduism, has been stalled after the CBFC has imposed several cuts

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