Friday, March 5, 2021
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As Twitter stocks plummet post Trump ban, CEO Jack Dorsey writes a long-winded thread: Pomp, arrogance and zero substance

As Twitter decided to ban US President Donald Trump from its platform, its stock plummeted and Jack Dorsey has finally spoken

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not on Tooter: Here is what we know about Tooter so far

OpIndia was told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not joined Tooter and neither had the ministers of BJP unites and functionaries

Liberals lit the fire that burnt America: What India can learn from the Capitol Hill fiasco

As lawmakers counted electoral votes certifying Joe Biden as President-Elect, supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Shashi Tharoor proves that he is the quintessential ‘male feminist’: Vacuous, devoid of logic and no friend of women

I am menstruating, I have a migraine, my BP is low and I am all around grumpy but I still have to feed my daughter. Should I get paid extra for this? Or should I just be grateful that my husband does not want to ‘treat me’ at The Leela Palace?

How and why I went from ‘Beef eating is a culinary preference’ to ‘those who eat beef are not my people’

Any person growing up in a traditional Hindu family is well aware of the significance of the cow and the taboo against eating beef.

Govt of India removes the word ‘Halal’ from its Red Meat Manual: Here is what it means

In a welcome move, the government of India removed the word 'Halal' from its Red Meat Manual issued by APEDA

Bengal elections can finish career of Prashant Kishore, and he is desperate, can his media friends save him?

While BJP wants to win 200 seats in Bengal, TMC is confident of retaining its majority in the state, bolstered by inexplicable Prashant Kishor.

Scars of how Islamists and Left came together to burn the country a year ago: From the ides of December to end of February

It was on the 11th of December 2019 that calls to Jihad started emanating, culminating into the Delhi anti-Hindu riots.

How the New York Times reduced a 40-minute conversation with Sanjeev Sanyal to merely 2 words to prove that Shramik trains were ‘virus trains’

Sanjeev Sanyal released audio of his conversation with NYT journalist as they omitted the comments made by him in their article

Farmers’ Bharat Bandh: How it resembles nefarious designs of Shaheen Bagh Chakka Jam and why govt must consider it sedition

The Chakka Jam and Bharat Bandh in lieu of the farmers agitation is just that - a replication of the Shaheen Bagh model.

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