PM Modi holding his own umbrella while addressing media ahead of the Monsoon session renews the debate surrounding Kaamdar and Naamdar

PM Modi on Monday was seen holding his umbrella while addressing the media amidst rainfall, rekindling the debate between kaamdar and naamdars

When death is not a leveler: Why did we forget the murder of cameraperson Achyutananda Sahu by liberal terrorists in Chhattisgarh?

Nobody wanted to talk about DD cameraperson Achyutanands Sahu's hopes and dreams and the lives of those he touched. Nobody even cared to send hazaar lanaatein (thousand curses) to the…

Why Left media and their hitjobs against India are part of a global conspiracy

It is a cause of concern for a variety of reasons, but mostly because western backed media outlets serve as the propaganda wing of western countries.

Sending a message: Why Communists in Kerala relaxed Covid norms for Eid but Pakistan did not

If Uttar Pradesh can cancel Kanwar Yatra, why can’t there be a lockdown in Kerala during Bakr-Eid?

There are no rules anymore: How journalists have only themselves to blame for the viral photo of Danish Siddiqui’s corpse

Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in Afghanistan during clashes with Taliban and a photo of his dead body is now viral.

‘Zulus will deal with your curry relatives’: What I learned from speaking out against racist attacks on Indians in South Africa

I spoke out against racist attacks against Indians, but as South Africa Twitter discovered my tweet, my timeline was flooded with racist poison.

Raihan Rajiv Vadra and ‘Dark Perception’ photography exhibition: How privilege trumps talent

Raihan Rajiv Vadra may or may not be a talented photographer, but it is definitely his privilege that allows him to hold an exhibition in prime property in Delhi owned…

A doctor’s diary: An experience of a dermatologist as a patient, as an attendant and physician during COVID-19 pandemic

As India slowly crawls back to normalcy amid the looming threat of the third wave of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, a doctor describes how he lived through the second wave…

As AAP has jumped into Gujarat’s political arena, who has more to lose – BJP or Congress?

For a state that has been traditionally a two-party state, will AAP's foray into the political arena stir things up for BJP?

With Kanwar yatra, media is trying to deflect blame from failures of Kerala and Maharashtra : Watch out!

You can shield Kerala and Maharashtra governments from criticism, but you cannot hide the virus itself. A third wave is coming and who knows how deadly it is going to…