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Maharashtra: Major fire breaks out in Thane hospital killing four, fourth such incident in recent times

The series of fire incidents in Maharashtra hospitals continue to raise questions over the condition of the health infrastructure in the state.

Dwarka accident: Woman who mowed down an elderly couple claims she was ‘thinking about something’ and was ‘distracted’

Deepshikha Choudhary claimed she was distracted and could not spot the elderly couple

Kerala: Inspired by YouTube, a 12-year-old boy tries to straighten hair using kerosene oil, succumbs to burn injuries

As per reports, the boy was trying to straighten his hair after watching YouTube videos of hair styling with spirit and fire.

Drunk driver smashes his SUV into MiG-29 jet of Ukrainian Air Force, fighter plane completely damaged

A drunken Ukrainian Air Force officer crashed his Volkswagen Touran SUV with the MiG-29 fighter jet, badly damaging both the vehicles

Mamata Banerjee was injured in an accident, no evidence of attack: Says report by special observers to the EC

The observers said that the Mamata Banerjee was surrounded by heavy police cover at the time of the incident in Nandigram

From ‘attacked by 5 people’ to ‘it was an accident’: How Mamata Banerjee did a U-turn and police report confirmed eyewitness account

Mamata Banerjee said that when she was sitting on the bonnet of her car, suddenly the car crushed her legs, injuring her

‘Mamata Banerjee injured after open door of her car hit a pillar, allegation of pushed by 4-5 people false’: Claim eyewitnesses in Nandigram

Eyewitnesses in Nandigram said that Mamata Banerjee had kept her door open to greet people, and a pillar had hit the door injuring her

Watch: United Airlines Boeing 777 engine catches fire midair, dramatic visuals go viral

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that Flight 328, a United Airlines plane bound for Honolulu, suffered a failure in its right-hand engine.

Video from Punjab: Tractor runs over farm law protestors, kills 2, injures 3 others

The incident occurred near the Attari-Verka bypass in Vallah, Amritsar on 26 January.

Pista Dhakad, talent manager with reality show Bigg Boss, dies in road accident: Details

Pista Dhakad had been associated with the production house Endemol for a long time and was involved in Bigg Boss.

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