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Earlier Delhi's Education Minister Manish Sisodia had also tweeted false claim about Adani Group
Kamal Nath is believed to be close to Gautam Adani, whom Rahul Gandhi has frequently accused of being a 'crony capitalist'
The Reliance Group has alleged that Sanjay Nirupam has made defamatory statements against the company.
A piece targeting Adani and the Central Government has been found to be incorrect
Twitter teaches Congress leader Salman Nizami a quick lesson on how to Google.
The word 'Pappu' is now blasphemous for Congress. Regardless of the context, the party won't tolerate it.
The art of reviving a dead story with lies - Congress style.
BJP has put out documents which show that corporates including Ambani and Adani were favored during its tenure.

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