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Niger suspends military agreement with US with immediate effect, country’s military rulers accuse US delegation of violating protocol

In a blow to the US security presence in Niger, the latter has suspended its military agreement with the former "with immediate effect"

Congo government dismisses reports of military coup against President Denis Nguesso

Reports say that speculation about a coup in Congo has been rife since August after the military took over in Gabon following the victory of the ousted President Ali Bongo in Gabon.

Libya flood: UN revises death toll, says at least 3,958 persons have died, over 9000 still missing

As per the updated report, over 9000 people are still missing, according to CNN. However, the OCHA, in its previous report, said at least 11,300 people died in Derna due to devastating flooding, citing the Libyan Red Crescent figures for Saturday's report, according to CNN. 

Libya floods: Death toll in Derna reaches 11,300, over 10,000 people still missing

The death toll in Derna, a coastal city in Libya, has risen to 11,300 as search efforts continue in the wake of a catastrophic flood

Niger: French ambassador held hostage, denied food after Emmanuel Macron refuses to recall its diplomats. Here is what we know so far

In late August 2023, French ambassador Sylvain Itte was directed to leave Niger by the country's new self-proclaimed leader Abdourahamane Tchiani.

Morocco: Over 600 dead after an earthquake measuring 6.8 on Richter Scale hit the country, many others missing

According to data from the US Geological Survey, the earthquake's epicentre was situated 71 kilometres southwest of the renowned tourist destination Marrakesh in Morocco.

Another coup in West Africa as Gabon military leaders grab power, claim that general elections ‘lacked credibility’

Gabon became the third African nation after Burkina Faso and Niger to see a change of guard through a military coup in 2023.

Nigeria: Police raids gay wedding event, over 200 persons arrested, homosexuals can get 14-year jail sentence

A police spokesperson in the southern Delta state on Tuesday told reporters that 67 people will be prosecuted for “allegedly conducting and attending a same-sex wedding ceremony.”

Military rulers of Niger threaten to kill deposed president Mohammad Bazoum if foreign countries try to intervene to restore the govt

Niger junta have warned that they’d kill deposed president if there is any military intervention

‘We don’t want your money, use it to sponsor a weight loss program for Victoria Nuland’: Niger’s military rulers tell USA

Victoria Nuland was allowed to meet only the new military chief of staff  Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, not the new leader General Abdourahamane Tchiani or the deposed President Bazoum.

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