Friday, May 27, 2022



‘Alien to see’: Prince William makes racist comments on the Russia-Ukraine war, sparks outrage

Prince William's comment that a war in Europe is 'alien', unlike wars in Asia and Africa, sparks outrage on social media with people criticizing the racist attitude of the Duke of Cambridge

After Indian students, Africans face racial discrimination in Ukraine, allege that they are not being allowed to cross the borders

Africans in Ukraine allege that they are facing racial discrimination from Ukraine's security agencies

Kili and Neema Paul – Know about the popular TikTok users from Tanzania who were praised by PM Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’...

Kili and Neema Paul are popular TikTok users from Tanzania who dance to the tunes of Hindi songs while lip syncing, earning many Indian fans for them.

‘Most fabulous country’: Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen heaps praise on India after Modi Govt offers help to African countries

Former cricketer Kevin Pietersen described India as the "most fabulous country" with warm hearted people.

What terrorists are doing in Kashmir, ISIS and Al Qaeda are doing in Africa, killing community leaders: The global SOP of Islamic terrorism

There is a stark similarity in the modus operandi of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and Africa and those operating in Kashmir.

China’s debt-trap diplomacy? BRI participant countries owe over 385 billion USD to China in hidden debt, study reveals

China has been using "debt-trap diplomacy" to wield outsize influence on borrowing countries and coerce them into coughing up physical and illegal assets.

African countries cancel Chinese projects blaming China’s lack of transparency and shoddy work of Chinese companies: Report

The shoddy work of the Chinese companies is to blame that led to tensions among several countries in the African region

Military coup in Guinea: President Alpha Conde detained by soldiers, government dissolved and constitution suspended

The coupe leaders appeared on TV to announce the dissolution the government and the national assembly of Guinea with immediate effect

Zambia: Pastor tries to imitate resurrection of Jesus Christ, convinces people to bury him alive

In the Zambian town of Chadiza, the pastor James Sakara had convinced his followers that he will be resurrected after a 3-day burial, just like Jesus Christ.

The Economist slammed after claiming colonialists in Congo had admirable intentions, deletes tweet after outrage

Given that the construction of the railway project in the 1920s was marred by violence, forced labour and deaths of tens of thousands of Africans, the use of 'admirable intentions' for colonial bureaucrats drew the wrath of netizens.

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