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The three-day long yatra involves the darshana of various ancient religious places starting from Akshayvat to the Ashram of Hrishi Bhardvaj.
Yogi Adityanath also asserted that for the first time since Akbar built the fort, Akshay Vat and Saraswati Koop will be opened for devotees.
Earlier, Mughal Sarai Railway Station was also renamed to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Nagar Station
A Mughal can never be called the Father of a nation the soul of which is Hindu.
There has been a concentrated efforts to whitewash the crimes committed by Aurangzeb
The UP CM stated that the kind of courage and valor Maharana Pratap showed battling the mighty Mughal army for years is rare in history
Mughals were no different from British who sought to enjoy the wealth of India, subjugated its population and rule the land as emperors
How the Idea of India has evolved and the sorry state that it is in today
He made the statement during an award ceremony of a news channel
Hidden gems from our Constitution

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