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“Mughals were born from Rajput mothers”: Nehru fangirl Sagarika Ghose has yet another fangirl moment, this time for Akbar

Sagarika Ghose has quite a love for dynasties that have ruled India.

Self-proclaimed Nehru fangirl Sagarika Ghose on Wednesday had yet another fangirl moment, this time for Akbar and the Mughals. After she woke up to the news that the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has renamed the Mughal Museum in Agra after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ghose had a complete meltdown on Twitter.

Ghose claimed that the Mughals were born to Rajput mothers and the Mughal period in Indian history was a ‘richly syncretic era’. She claimed that the renaming of Mughal Museum is ‘hopless’ (sic) wilful misunderstanding of history by Hindutva netas who are burdened by their own inferiority complex.

Few minutes later, she again remembered the ‘greatness’ of Akbar and claimed that Akbar was truly secular and drank ‘Ganga water’ every day.

Which is strange because Delhi and Agra amongst other places which were his residences, are both on the banks of river Yamuna and not Ganga. She also claims that he brought in ‘brilliant admin reforms’.

Ghose then goes on to wish that Netflix comes up with a series on the magnificent Mughals as each of the ‘Great Mughal’ is a saga unto himself.

And it appears like she managed to get some ‘leisure’ time as she soon shared the link to this BBC documentary on the ‘astonishing family of kings who ruled India for 200 years.

And some more love for Akbar overflowed.

The last time Sagarika Ghose had a full fangirl moment, it was for Jawaharlal Nehru. Sagarika Ghose has quite a love for dynasties that have ruled India.

Akbar, the great

There have been numerous attempts at whitewashing the barbarism of the Mughals including forced religious conversion and while Akbar was perhaps most ‘secular’ of them all for marrying Hindu women, it was hardly out of love. He married these women for his own political gains. One has hardly to come across any of his children to these Hindu women who were raised as a Hindu. In fact, perhaps the most barbaric of them all, Aurangzeb, is his great grandson. You could read more on Akbar and Aurangzeb here and here.

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