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Aman Chopra

Islamist threatens News 18 anchor Aman Chopra after ‘secular-liberals’ twist his statement and target him for highlighting crimes of stone pelting

On July 31, a Jalabhishek Yatra by Hindus in Haryana's Nuh was brutally attacked by local Meo Muslims. Though the mainstream media and their 'secular liberal' voices tried their best to pass it as 'clashes during a rally', social media videos and eye witness statements soon proved that it was a well-coordinated, planned attack.

Rajasthan HC grants journalist Aman Chopra interim protection from arrest

Multiple FIRs were lodged against Aman Chopra for anchoring a news show on the demolition of temples in Alwar

Rajasthan police reach News18 editor Aman Chopra’s residence despite Rajasthan HC order not to take coercive action, UP police escort them away

OpIndia has accessed information that the Rajasthan police officials have entered the housing society in Noida where News18 journalist Aman Chopra resides.

Rajasthan: FIRs against News18 anchor Aman Chopra over Alwar temple demolition coverage, accused of instigating communal hatred

Aman Chopra has also been criticised in the past for taking bold stands on challenging issues.

‘No virus will be spared, Insha Allah’: Peace Party’s Shadab threatens journalist Aman Chopra for highlighting hooliganism of opposition parties in UP

The threat was in response to a tweet where Aman Chopra highlighted the hooliganism of the opposition parties in UP even when they are not in power

Congress ally Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, after threatening Hindus, now threatens journalist during an interview: Watch

In an interview with News18 India TV anchor Aman Chopra, Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan threatened to cause bodily harm simply because he was unable to answer the questions posed to him.

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