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About 60 per cent of Muslim Americans believe Hamas was justified in its attack on Israel: Survey

The survey was aimed to capture diverse opinions within the American Muslims. It provides valuable insights into their stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict and the broader geopolitical landscape.

At least 22 Americans killed in terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas, US looking for details about hostages

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby couldn't confirm details like where and how the Americans were killed as the "individual circumstances are not exactly clear"

Press Club of India comes in support of NewsClick after its link with Chinese propaganda machinery was revealed, calls it ‘targeted campaign’

Press Club of India has issued a statement in support of NewsClick which has been receiving funds from China to run propaganda

Hindu org conducts survey of Americans about their understanding of caste: How it shows bias, ignorance and high chance of racial profiling of Hindus

The understanding of caste by the Americans is biased and firmly associated with Hinduism and India. While the proponents of the legislation believe that caste does not automatically mean India and that it is found across multiple religions and not just Hinduism, the opponents tend to believe that caste is associated to the Hinduism due to the popular narrative.

‘Word for word duplication’: MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan accused of plagiarism, American journalist reveals Hasan’s pro-spanking column was copied

Lee Fang, an American journalist, accused Mehdi Hasan of plagiarising pro-spanking column published in January 2000.

FT’s American journalist claims he was thrown out of an India-Russia event: Here’s what happened

John Reed, a journalist with Financial Times, later clarified that the Indo-Russia event was turned into a closed door event.

President Biden claims American banking system remains safe following collapse of two US banks, blames Trump administration for crisis

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in America collapsed earlier this month which has raised concern among customers who hold their money in other similar-sized banks.

New York: Unidentified attackers assault and rob 2 Sikh persons in Queens, a week after another brutal attack on an elderly Sikh man

The unidentified men attacked and robbed the two Sikhs in the Queens a week after a similar attack was carried out against 72-year-old Nirmal Singh.

American Airlines announces ‘buses-as-flights’ plan to combat pilot shortage and high fuel prices, netizens remind them, ‘they are just buses’

So basically, while the tickets will be sold by the AA as flight tickets, passengers will check-in in Allentown or New Jersey airports and travel to Philadelphia by bus, provided by the airline.

American billionaire recants after saying “nobody cares” about the genocide of Uyghurs in China

Following massive outrage, Chamath Palihapitiya issued a statement saying that his remarks on Uyghurs lacked empathy.

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