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Taliban is selling ‘pardon certificates’ to extort money from citizens, former VP reveals, blames Pakistan

Former Afghanistan VP Amrullah Saleh accuses Taliban terrorists of extorting money from Afghans in lieu of 'pardon certificates'

A week after Amrullah Saleh issued a video message, the Taliban capture the library in Panjshir where the video was shot

Photo a Talib brandishing a rifle in front of a bookshelf has appeared, the same bookshelf seen behind Amrullah Saleh a week ago in a video

Taliban kills Rohullah Saleh, brother of resistance leader Amrullah Saleh: Reports

The Taliban has killed Rohullah Saleh, brother of Afghan resistance leader Amrullah Saleh. There was speculation earlier.

Taliban says Panjshir Valley has fallen, NRF says the fight will continue: Details

Talibani spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid announced on Monday that the group has completely conquered Panjshir Valley, the last bastion of the resistant forces

Pakistan and Taliban attack Panjshir valley, the last Afghan stronghold, Amrullah Saleh’s house bombed

Meanwhile, at least a thousand including dozens of Americans and Afghans holding a visa for the USA or other countries await Taliban clearance for flights out of the country.

Caretaker President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh slams Joe Biden administration for abandoning people of his country: What he said

Caretaker president of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, has slammed the Joe Biden administration in an article published on Daily Mail.

‘I have not fled anywhere’: Afghanistan’s caretaker President Amrullah Saleh says after rumours of Panjshir falling to Taliban

Amrullah Saleh rejected claims that he has already fled to Tajikistan. He said that he was still in Panjshir valley.

The son of the lion: Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Massoud follows into his father’s footsteps in fighting the Taliban

Ahmad Massoud has chosen to follow the footsteps of his father Ahmad Shah Massoud in fighting against the Taliban

‘We are the custodians of Taliban, they got shelter and home in Pakistan’: Says Pakistani minister Sheikh Rashid

Welcoming the Taliban and snubbing the US, Rashid in another interview last week had also revealed that Pakistan is unwilling to shelter the US troop for a long time.

Meet Amrullah Saleh: The face of the Afghan resistance against the Taliban and one of the fiercest critics of Pakistan

Amrullah Saleh, 48, the face of the Afghan resistance, believes the Taliban would crumble without Pakistan's support. He has been vocal about Pakistan's tacit support to Taliban radicals.

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