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Did he tell same thing to his son Farhan Akhtar for Mirzapur: Sandeep Reddy Vanga asks Javed Akhtar after lyricist criticises Animal

Vanga asked Javed Akhtar, "Did he tell the same thing to Farhan Akhtar when he was producing Mirzapur?"

If writer of your calibre cannot understand, your art form is FALSE: Official social media account of movie Animal responds to Javed Akhtar’s criticism

The makers of Animal rebuked Javed Akhtar for alluding to the film's extraordinary box office performance as "dangerous."

“I was aroused and engaged”: Karan Johar says Animal is 2023’s best film in front of film’s director Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Notably, a section of the Bollywood fraternity including film critics ran a campaign against Sandeep Reddy Vanga-helmed Animal accusing it of promoting “toxic masculinity” and setting a bad precedence for society.

Complaint against Ranbir Kapoor after video goes viral showing ‘Animal’ actor pour liquor over cake while saying ‘Jai Mata Di’

According to the complaint, the fire god is invoked in Hinduism before invoking other deities, but Ranbir Kapoor and his family members deliberately used intoxicants while celebrating Christmas and chanted "Jai Mata Di".

‘We see people convert to Islam, but nobody converts to Hinduism’: Director Vanga reveals why Bobby Deol’s character in Animal is Muslim

A lot of so-called liberals, pseudo-seculars and Islamists have taken offence at the filmmaker for depicting Bobby Deol's character's religion in his movie 'Animal' as 'Muslim'

‘Anupama Chopra called me 6-7 times’: Animal director Sandeep Reddy Vanga lambasts ‘uneducated’ critics, asks them to ‘Go to China’ as English tutors

Coming down hard on Bollywood's English critics, Sandeep Reddy Vanga said a random person has a greater credibility than the clique that gets paid to denigrate movies which do not align with their ideology.

“It was to tell the audience that an animal is coming”: Actress Mansi Taxak justifies marital rape scene in film Animal

Mansi Taxak further lauded Bobby Deol's performance saying that he was 'commendable' in the scene.

Cheetahs return to India: The attempt to reintroduce the big cat 7 decades after they went extinct in the country

Project Cheetah chief informed that Kuno was chosen for the rehabilitation of cheetahs due to the presence of large grasslands, small hills and forests.

Fact check: Did two Muslim men in Turkey cut off a dog’s ears and posted pics on Facebook? Read details

In the image, it was seen that two Muslim youths in Turkey had cut off the ears of the dog and proudly posted those photo on Facebook.

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