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‘Chase away these 2% Brahmins and kill them, Muslims are your brothers’: Yuva Vichar Manch chief Rudra Pratap Kushwaha provokes SC-STs against Brahmins

Yuva Vichar Manch chief Rudra Pratap Kushwaha appealed to the SCs and STs to chase away the 2 per cent Brahmins in the country and kill them all

‘60+ Sikhs burnt alive by Brahmin-Hindu mobs’: Khalistanis in Australia blame Brahmins for 1984 anti-Sikh massacre by Congress

Khalistanis are displaying large posters in Australia blaming Hindus and Brahmins for anti-Sikh massacre in 1984

Congress loyalist who wanted to ‘smash Brahminical patriarchy’ admits she remained quiet about a man who molested her because he was a non-Brahmin

Meena Kandasamy said she did not report her molestation because her molester was not a Brahmin.

TMC’s Mahua Moitra mocks Mamata Banerjee’s caste, calls Brahmins “Chotiwala Rakshasa”

Many Twitter users took issue with Mahua Moitra's tweet, discerning it as "Hinduphobic" and "Anti-Brahmin".

Janeudhari Brahmin Rahul Gandhi’s party celebrates a man who advocated physical violence against Brahmins

The janeudhari Brahmin-Rahul Gandhi has himself in the past, heaped praises and glorified the rabid anti-Hindu Periyar

Itna neeche koi Brahmin hi gir sakta hain: Complaint against Congress spokesperson Udit Raj for anti-Brahmin statement while targeting Arnab Goswami

The social worker, Sampat Saraswat called Udit Raj an opportunist and a product of caste-based reservation, when he targeted Arnab Goswami using anti-Brahmin casteist slur

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