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Anti-hijab protests

Iran: Government announces fresh campaign reintroducing moral police to force women to wear hijab

There were claims that the moral police in Iran imposing hijab was disbanded, but the government denied it amidst the protests.

Indian badminton player Tanya Hemanth forced to wear hijab during award ceremony at Iran Fajr International Challenge in Tehran

The organisers of the badminton tournament held in Iran had reportedly forced the Indian player to wear a hijab before collecting her award.

Iran executes 2 more youths involved in anti-hijab protests, 11 sentenced to jail

"Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Syed Mohammad Husseini, the two men whose crimes led to the martyrdom of Ruhollah Azmin, have been hanged to death today," the judiciary said while sentencing the two protesters.

NYT reports that the Iran govt is set to abolish the morality police, Iran govt denies reports

Iran has abolished its morality police following more than two months of demonstrations sparked by Mahsa Amini's death.

Youths in Iran hit and strike turbans of Islamic clerics in protest against hijab, videos viral

Visuals of youths knocking clerics' turbans off their heads in Iran have gone viral on social media.

Amidst anti-hijab protests in Iran, Iranian sports climber Elnaz Rekabi goes missing after competing in Seoul without a hijab

While competing at the Asian Sport Climbing Championships on Sunday, Elnaz Rekabi refused to wear a hijab and competed without it.

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