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Apple INC

Apple suspends internal Jewish and Muslim Slack channels after discussions on the Israel-Hamas war appear, deletes messages

Apple recently removed messages about the war from internal Slack channels and suspended two channels for Jewish and Muslim employees

France asked Apple to withdraw this iPhone and now other countries joining in

France ordered Apple Inc. to stop selling iPhone 12 due to above-threshold radiation levels

Apple to discontinue online services such as App Store, Siri, and Maps for older devices

Apple is reportedly shutting down services for older devices, including iPhones, Macs, iPads, and iWatches.

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ hits the No 1 position on Apple’s App store within 24 hours of launch

Truth Social soon became the No 1 downloaded social media app on Apple App store.

Apple and Samsung to manufacture smartphones worth $5 billion in FY22, may outperform govt’s PLI Scheme target by more than 50%

In the financial year 2021-22, Apple and Samsung are set to manufacture smartphones worth over $5 billion in India

China: Apple and Tesla halt production amidst energy crisis. Here is what we know so far

Besides the new emission standards, the situation has been further aggravated due to coal supply shortage, and its high prices.

Leaked memo from Apple Inc reveals CEO Tim Cook irritated with employees who leak company memos

Ironically, Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook’s internal email to his employees warning against leaking company information was also promptly leaked

Tech giant Apple Inc promoting NDTV account on Twitter leaves netizens baffled

One user pointed out that Apple could be sponsoring NDTV by paying for its advertising rather than opting for a run-of-the-mill sponsorship/ financial deal.

After communist link emerges in Wistron plant vandalism, Chinese propagandist uses it to threaten other companies moving from China to India

The propagandist of China's Communist Party, subtly threatening the other partners of Apple Inc such as Foxconn, asked whether these companies now regret about moving those facilities to India.

Nine out of Eleven component manufactures of Apple convinced to shift their plants from China to India: Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Taking benefit of the PLI scheme announced by govt of India, several component makers and assemblers of Apple moving to India

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