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Recently, he had stated that India is yet to realise the potential of mobile phones and Indians with mobile phones are no more than monkeys with new toys.
The only people politicizing the Army are the signatories to the letter who have confirmed their endorsement
Several army veterans have refused signing any such letter about the politicisation of the Indian Army, say consent was never taken and brand it 'fake news'
The BJP has challenged the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy to send his son Nikhil Kumaraswamy to join the armed forces rather than making him the candidate of the Lok Sabha elections. 
The politicisation of the Armed Forces is a phrase being bandied about a lot in the recent past.
Indian Airforce is reported to have carried out readiness exercises over Punjab and Jammu airspace, next to the Pakistan border
Hating Gujaratis is too boring now, Javed Akhtar should stick to fighting on Twitter like a troll
The same picture was being circulated as a photograph of the downed Indian jet, however, analysis by IAF officers has confirmed that it is actually an F16, ANI has reported.
All the billing amount from this table over the week will go to the Bharat Ke Veer foundation, an initiative of Ministry of Home Affairs
In his report, Ajaz Ashraf says quite clearly that he called the martyrs of the family to in their moment of unimaginable tragedy to inquire about their caste.
The Army, BSF, and CRPF will move their convoys in the single window of time, thereby reducing their vulnerability to terror attacks
In the aftermath of the Pulwama Terror Attack where over 40 CRPF soldiers lost their lives, another Army officer has been martyred at Nowshera sector
While Rahul Gandhi postures with a 'mature' line post the Pulwama attack, Congress functionaries have been given a free hand to pander to the "secular" and leftist elements
Union Minister Arun Jaitley analyses the 'Institutions are under attack' argument and clears the air.
The MoS Defence said the search operation was conducted in accordance with the laid down procedures, causing no undue harassment of the locals and a ‘No objection certificate’ was obtained from the village elders.
Opposition parties tried to project a routine procedure as an example of centre's injustice towards Kerala
One AK-47 rifle, 3 magazines, 2 grenades, 1 pistol along with 2 magazines were recovered
The contribution of Policemen to our nation and each of our lives deserves the highest respect.
Government officially grants the permission to induct girls in Sainik Schools
The Ministry of Defence spokesperson's Twitter handle has since apologised for the tweet
He urged the voters to go and put their strength behind the national good
Congress leader Hussain Dalwai backs Owaisi, says Modi should assure that Muslims have the right to join the armed forces.
The government needs to do some damage control and a year is long enough to do so
Due to Sitharaman's bold decision, women and short service commission officers are to get long denied promotions
Mr Mangesh Ahiwale sold vada pavs at Rs 5 instead of Rs 14 and donates a day's earnings for the welfare of soldiers
The newspapers have been booked by the Jammu and Kashmir police
It’s not about getting the rank wrong, it’s about our attitude towards the armed forces.

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