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Role of emotional intelligence in Lok Sabha elections 2024: What’s in the voter’s heart?

On April 19th, the election bugle has been sounded for the biggest electoral exercise in the world as India goes to polls.

Agniveer Scheme: Let us look at it differently and objectively

I have interviewed more than 8000 graduates and groomed 2000 MBA managers and I have seen that a two-month summer internship transforms their personality. 42 months is a huge experience.

Opposition parties are using an age-old litmus test – push the Hindu community because they won’t react anyway – but here is why this...

The Hindu and cultural resurgence is almost complete, thanks to the opposition delivering self goals - and BJP will be the biggest beneficiary

With some Muslims feeling unsafe in India, Pakistan should introduce its own version of CAA

Elections have just finished in Pakistan- Whichever government comes, or grabs power, should take up a task in the very first meeting of the cabinet to start a ‘CAA-PAKISTAN’, or CAAPAK (they normally copy us) to accept all those Muslims in India who feel persecuted

How colonialism impacted the way we eat, and still continues to plague our way of eating

Almost 80 years ago, there used to be brass plate which had a rude message- ‘right of admission reserved’ outside many restaurants in CP (Connaught Place), oops Rajiv chowk now.

The World, G20 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi: The Branding of Bharat

Group of Twenty or G20 in short is a group of 20 nations including the EU which was established in 1999, to facilitate discussions and cooperation on global economic and financial issues.

India is changing fast and we need to look at ‘Micro Reading’ seriously to develop intellect and making youths job ready

Micro Reading can develop intellect in youths and making them job ready through simple under 80 pages books on various topics

Do not demean the Indian school education system, it prepares you to be the best

I agree that times are changing and yes we need to upgrade our school curriculum but we cannot just trash our earlier system. We have been doing some things right as well.

The Non Practicing Hindu

Unlike other religions, Hindu religion does not have a central holy book, a central deity, and definite set of rules to follow

The admirable political chutzpah of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi made some tough decisions in his first six years in power, which many didn’t like. Demonetization was one, and the immediate lockdown of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic and the abrogation of Article 370 were all similar chutzpah moments.

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