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atrocities against women

While Mamata Banerjee claims West Bengal is the ‘safest’ place for women, here is how they are mistreated, harassed and victimised in her regime

This report outlines the horrors that a few of the countless destitute Hindu women in West Bengal have experienced under Mamata's regime

Hamas terrorists turned girls into ‘sex dolls’, raped several times: Released captive women recall the horror, call it ‘hell’ of the earth

Chen Goldstein-Almog, one of the women who was fortunately liberated by Hamas terrorists, described the appalling conditions of the women who have become a "sex doll" for the terrorist group.

Bihar: Cop thrashes Dalit woman in public in viral video, claims traffic jam after two groups clashed over kidnapped girl prompted his action

The video showed a police officer in uniform, Raj Kishore Singh, thrashing a woman with a stick multiple times in full public display. 

Tamil media channels slammed for moral policing, shaming women in a case of revenge against a Chennai pub

Local Tamil media channels hounded women and moral policed them for their choice of clothes and visiting a pub, videos of which have gone viral on social media.

Three major international organisations stop working in Afghanistan after the Taliban government banned women from working in NGOs

Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and CARE stopped working in Afghanistan after Taliban banned women working for NGOs

Afghanistan: Taliban prevent women from boarding flights without male companions

Taliban commanders refused to let dozens of women board flights, unless they were accompanied by a male guardian.

Under Taliban rule, starving Afghan families selling off their minor daughters to ‘keep family alive’

Families facing abject poverty and starvation in Afghanistan are selling off their daughters in exchange for cash, food and livestock.

Afghanistan: Taliban beheads woman volleyball player

Mahjubin Hakimi, member of Afghanistan's woman's national volleyball team was beheaded by the Taliban, reports Independent Persian.

Fahashi and the importance of Purdah in Islam: How Pakistan PM Imran Khan explained the rise of rapes against women

According to Imran Khan, vulgarity is the reason behind rise in rape and sexual violence and not the declining lawlessness in the country.

Burqa-clad unknown person throws acid on the face of a woman in Bihar’s Kaimur district

The unknown assailant in Burqa entered the victim’s house and threw acid on her before fleeing away

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