Monday, May 10, 2021


Balochistan Liberation Army

Balochistan: It has been 11 years since Dr Deen Mohammad was kidnapped in 2009. All you need to know

Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch was kidnapped in 2009. After 11 years of protests, requests and hunger strikes, the family is yet to receive any information about his whereabouts.

As Balochistan freedom fighters claim responsibility for attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange, Imran khan accuses India of carrying out the attack

Imran Khan said that Pakistan has "no doubt" that the terror attack on Pakistan's Stock Exchange was carried out by India.

Karachi stock exchange attack: Balochistan Liberation Army accepts responsibility of the attack, confirms all gunmen were suicide attackers

Majeed Brigade, a unit BLA confirmed that all the gunmen who attacked the Karachi stock exchange were suicide attackers

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