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US Consulate in Kolkata earns brickbats from Indians over ‘Bengali-American’ comment: Here’s why netizens are outraged

Netizens on Twitter slammed the US consulate in Kolkata for promoting sub-nationalism by referring to Samir Banerjee as 'Bengali American'.

Mamata Banerjee continues hate campaign against Gujaratis, vows to ‘not let Bengal turn into Gujarat’: Here is how Bengal lost to Gujarat in 2008

Mamata Banerjee stirred a new controversy by making outrageous comments against the people of Gujarat.

Watch: Tulsi Gabbard speaks out in favour of persecuted Hindus of Bangladesh, condemns Pakistan Army’s genocide of Bengali Hindus

Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has spoken out in favour of the persecuted Hindu minorities of Bangladesh.

US House Rep remembers the Bengali Hindu Genocide of 1971, Indian ‘liberal’ rushes in to prove why the mass slaughter has been forgotten

Ro Khanna, progressive US House Rep remembered the 50th anniversary of the Bengali Hindu Genocide on Friday.

NIA charge-sheet says Akhil Gogoi was planning to stoke violence by inciting Assamese people against Bengali population in Assam: Report

The NIA said that the Akhil Gogoi and the witness addressed a massive crowd of over 6,000 people which later turned violent.

Rabindranath Tagore or Rabindranath Thakur? Here is the truth

Zee News anchor Aman Chopra slammed TMC leader Anirban Banerjee for using the name Rabindranath Thakur instead of Tagore

“Bengal, here we come”: Republic Media Network announces the launch of its Bengali news channel

Announcing launch of Bengali news channel, Republic TV said it is looking for reporters with experience in Bengali news channels

Meghalaya: Khasi student body puts up racist posters saying “All Meghalaya Bengalis are Bangladeshis”

The banners put up by Khasi Students Union read, ''All Meghalaya Bengalis are Bangladeshis'' and "Khasiland for Khasis; Foreigners Go Away".

Meghalaya: Local Bengali youths attacked brutally in suspected hate crime, police warn against breaching communal peace

Six Bengali youths were injured grievously in Meghalaya on Friday after they were attacked by unidentified goons.

West Bengal- The Israel for Hindu Bengalis? Its time to redeem the pledge on the day Bengal was partitioned

For Bengali Hindus, West Bengal is last stand & need to be protected at all costs or be permanently stateless like Sindhis & Kashmiri Pandits.

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