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Blogger Raif Badawi released after 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison: How criticism of Sharia laws, Kingdom of Saud changed his life

Raif Badawi had dared to speak his mind, despite being aware of the harsh consequences under the totalitarian regime of the Saudi monarch.

Pakistani blogger explains why Pakistan has been attacking Savarkar and Hindutva in recent months: They just copied it from Indian ‘Liberals’

The stark similarity between the statements delivered by Congress party leaders and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan have been quite visible in recent months.

Dolce & Gabbana sues fashion bloggers Diet Prada over #DGLovesChina campaign which sparked racism controversy

2018 #DGLovesChina ad campaign by Dolce & Gabbana had sparked racism controversy over alleged stereotypical portrayal of Chinese woman

Muslim ‘blogger’ threatens to murder ex-Muslim’s pet dog and slaughter him and his family live on TV for ‘criticizing Islam’

The Muslim blogger took offence at Harris Sultan for allegedly criticising Islam. Harris Sultan has authored a book, 'The Curse of God: Why I left Islam'.

“How can an engineer judge food?” – Hospitality industry to sue ‘non-genuine’ bloggers for defamation. The ‘influenca’ conundrum

Social media has given power to people on their fingertips and with this power has come great irresponsibility.

Prominent secularist Shahzahan Bachchu shot dead in Bangladesh; Islamist hand suspected

Various other prominent bloggers too have been killed in Bangladesh

Book reveals that Army was spooked by Barkha Dutt’s reporting in Kargil

Barkha Dutt has fiercely defended her reporting during the Kargil war, but a book suggests that army was concerned.

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