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BBC Chair accused of quid pro quo for helping ex-British PM Boris Johnson secure loans before his appointment: Details

According to The Sunday Times, the £8,00,000 loan was finalised only in February 2021 (the same month as the appointment of Richard Sharp).

Dear Sonia fans, Rishi Sunak has become UK PM because he was chosen by Tory MPs for that post, not under some minority quota

The same Sunak was rejected just a couple of months ago. He now has the support of Tory MPs that currently has a majority in the UK parliament because that is how their democracy works. He has not been appointed PM under some minority quota.

After resignation by Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak is back in the race for UK PM, Boris Johnson tries to amass support for a dramatic...

Rishi Sunak continues to be the favourite to succeed Liz Truss as the next prime minister of UK.

Indian “liberals” rejoice, blame Boris Johnson’s visit to British company JCB’s factory for the collapse of his government in the UK

Indian "liberals" are celebrating the collapse of the Boris Johnson government in the UK and trying to find a defeat for Narendra Modi amidst it.

Beleaguered UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to resign, Rishi Sunak favourite to become the next PM

Boris Johnson is expected to announce his resignation later today and the Conservative Party will elect a new leader before the party conference in October.

Britain comes to a standstill thanks to the biggest rail strike in over 30 years

With the inflation hitting double digits in Britain thanks to high food and fuel prices, the workers are demanding a 7% hike in their pay, while the rail companies are offering them a 2% increase.

Pak-origin Labour MP, who admitted to anti-semitism, rakes up the issue of alleged ‘Islamophobia’ in India during Boris Johnson’s visit

Owing to her brazen anti-Jewish rhetorics, Naz Shah was suspended from the Labour Party in April 2016. However, she was reinstated back into the party by July of that year.

Khalistanis living in the UK to feel the heat as Boris Johnson confirms an anti-extremist task force to help India

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his India visit said that the United Kingdom would not welcome extremists like Khalistanis

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits JCB’s new ‘bulldozer’ plant in Gujarat

Britain's PM Boris Johnson visited the heavy construction machines giant JCB plant in Halol today to inaugurate a bulldozer plant.

UK PM Boris Johnson visits MK Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, spins Charkha, often cited as symbol of India’s freedom struggle from British Empire

At the Sabarmati Ashram, UK PM Boris Johnson tried his hands at spinning the Charkha, a symbol of the 1905 Swadeshi movement

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