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Twitter bot account made by youth from Odisha gets appreciated by Elon Musk, but gets suspended within 2 months. Know what happened

‘Explain This Bob,’ a popular Twitter bot account created by an Indian, which was even appreciated by Elon Musk, has been suspended

The Wire withdraws report claiming that Tek Fog was used by BJP to target Mohammed Zubair leading to his arrest

The Wire has withdrawn its July 2 report where it had claimed that Tek Fog was used to target Md Zubair with thousands of bots

“Aren’t you entertained”: What Elon Musk said about playing the fool on Twitter and often shooting himself in the foot

Elon Musk also confessed that he plays a fool on Twitter landing him into all sorts of trouble.

Twitter stock crashes after Elon Musk Tweets that the ‘Twitter deal is temporarily on hold’, here is what he said

Elon Musk had earlier stated that one of his main priorities is to rid the micro-blogging platform of spam accounts.

Amidst the ongoing Assam-Mizoram border conflict, bots mostly from the USA trend #ShameOnAssam on Twitter

#ShameOnAssam was seen trending at number 5 on Twitter, with 98.4K tweets employing it by Wednesday evening

Microsoft files a patent to bring back dead loved ones as ‘chatbots’ from their digital data

Microsoft has reportedly filed a patent that would allow it to built a chatbot mirroring human beings based on their digital data.

Ahead of Bihar elections, Youth Congress highlights decreasing unemployment rates, indirectly praises Modi govt: Read details

Citing the CMIE's data on overall unemployment rate in the country, the Congress party essentially claimed that the rate of unemployment has come down in the country and indirectly praised by the Narendra Modi-led government for the fall in unemployment levels.

Pakistani network running pro-ISI, anti-India propaganda busted by Facebook and Stanford researchers, hundreds of accounts suspended

The research report has found that these pages and groups also indulged in mass reporting of pages critical to Islam or Pakistan, even targeted Ahmadi-run accounts.

Just 2 per cent of dislikes on PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ from India, BJP alleges Congress of commissioning overseas bots to attack the...

BJP's Amit Malviya has alleged that overseas bots, most notably from Turkey, and employed by the Congress party have indulged in organised disliking of PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' video on YouTube

Jaane kahaan gaye woh bots: The story of how Congress lost their ‘winning edge’ online

Congress party has embarked on a campaign to claim that the BJP is using bots to show Narendra Modi is more popular than Rahul Gandhi.

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