Topic: Budget 2018

Employees provident fund organization has an active member base of over 6 crores
The Prime Minister addressed farmers across the nation through NaMo App
Finance Ministry says the record amounts of revenues collected is an indicator of positive impacts of various financial policies
The Swaminathan report has listed the problems facing Indian agriculture and also suggested solutions
The middle-class contribution to the economy surely hasn't been discounted
A small attempt to dispel some of the confusion
There is still time to assuage hurt tempers
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), play an important role in the economic fabric of our country yet decades after Independence they continue to face constraints in obtaining adequate finance or necessary focus from our policy makers. This isn’t a pretty sight for the biggest job creators in our country. However this government has given a special focus to MSME’s and has taken some bold and important steps to spur their business activity. Whats is TReDS? Liquidity, particularly ability to convert trade receivables into liquid funds has been a major issue for MSME’s meanwhile this being easily available for large corporate....
Highest ever capital expenditure allocation of 1.48 lakh crores
The message from Budget 2018 is clear : I have done my work, now it is your job to get me re-elected
One can hope that the meager tax base of merely 2% odd of India's population, will be given a boost
High on aspiration and a lot to be implemented
Why it is unreasonable to expect tax rate cut
One holy cow in the business world has been touched by the allegedly 'suit boot ki sarkar'
These concessions are expected to give extra benefits of Rs. 4,000 to senior citizens
Budget 2018 has given importance for defence manufacturing and infrastructure needed for our forces.
Electricity , LPG , Livelihood to the poor, the government throws open its treasures
Government policies for MSMEs and plans to expand MUDRA will help job creation in the economy
In his opening remarks the finance minister listed major changes achieved in the economy for past 4 years

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